IU Kokomo Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising includes all events and activities where funds are raised or collected by an IU Kokomo course, campus initiated event, athletic teams or registered campus organization, excluding membership fees or dues.  This includes the solicitation of goods, services, or monetary donations both on-campus and off-campus.

  • Only IU Kokomo courses, campus initiated events, athletic teams and organizations registered with the Student Activities Office are allowed to engage in fundraising activities.
  • All fundraising activities must be approved by the Office for Advancement.  A fundraising application must be submitted to the Office for Advancement at least two weeks prior to the fundraising event in order to receive consideration.
  • The Director of Marketing and Media must approve fundraising activities involving the sale of products with the name and/or logo of Indiana University or Indiana University Kokomo prior to printing or production of the items. 
  • Bake sales, 50/50 drawings, and raffles are prohibited.
  • The auctioning of students or any other person is prohibited.
  • Fundraising activities are also subject to facility reservation requirements.
  • Should two organizations request approval for the same or similar fundraising events during a semester, the Office for Advancement will decide if it is appropriate for the groups to conduct the events during the same semester.
  • Upon receipt of the application the Office for Advancement has one week to respond to the request.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Smith at the Office for Advancement at 765-455-9485 or smithkad@iuk

Download Fundraising Application. Please print this application and drop it off at the Office of Advancement which is located in the Main Building, Room KO-128.