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Administrative Offices
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Faculty Review of Chair or Dean

DATE: October 20, 1995 (based upon similar material dated October 19, 1993)

As you are aware, the Campus-wide Administrative Review Committee is charged with conducting the faculty review of administrators under the guidelines approved by Faculty Senate in January 1993. That committee has provided an instrument to be used in the evaluation process. Listed below are the steps we must take and suggested deadlines for the completion of each step.

  1. Elect a committee. At least three-fourths of the committee must be full-time faculty. The committee is encouraged to invite adjunct faculty and others (e.g., staff and community leaders) to be members of the committee whenever appropriate and viable. Each review committee is encouraged to include one administrator of rank similar to that of the administrator being evaluated. (This person will not count as part of the three-fourths full-time faculty required to meet committee guidelines.)
    Suggested deadline--Oct. 30

  2. Solicit and review the chair's currently approved job description along with a statement of his/her administrative goals, objectives, and achievements.

    Suggested deadline--Nov. 6

  3. Determine whether the Dept./Div. committee wishes to solicit student input in the evaluation process by polling all students who have declared a major in that field regarding the administrator's performance especially in terms of program performance, etc. Note that this is not a representative sample, but a comprehensive poll of all student majors.

    Suggested deadline--Nov. 13

  4. Determine whether the Dept./Div. committee wishes to solicit
    input from adjunct faculty, staff, community leaders, or other
    concerned individuals. If so, determine the instruments) by
    which this evaluation shall take place.

    Suggested deadline--Nov. 8

  5. Distribute evaluation materials to all individuals designated
    to participate.

    Suggested deadline--Nov. 20

  6. Collect (suggested deadline--Dec. 4), tabulate, and summarize the evaluation forms (suggested deadline--Dec. 18) and forward them to the Chair/Dean's supervisor by Jan. 31. The evaluation report will include statements which report the areas in which progress/activity is satisfactory and the areas in which progress/activity is not satisfactory. The report may also include a statement which summarizes the members of the committee's votes and reasons for their recommendations. The report's final statement may include a recommendation for or against reappointment of the administrator. The report will be written in such a way as to ensure the confidentiality of all responses.

  7. The supervising administrator shall incorporate the overall recommendation of the unit into the reappointment decision of the individual being reviewed. The narrative evaluation, prepared by the supervisor and incorporating the input from the unit, will be sent to the Chair of the Campus-wide Administrative Review Committee and to the next level of administrative supervision, which the ultimate action(s) taken being reported directly to the unit by the individual's supervisor.

    Suggested deadline--
    Mar. 1

  8. The Dept./Div. committee will write a procedures report consisting of a
    narrative relating the procedures followed,and a critique listing suggestions
    for improvements ofchanges. This report will be directed to the Campus-wide
    Administrative Review Committee.

    Suggested deadline--Mar. 15

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