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Administrative Offices
Office of Academic Affairs

Faculty Search and Screen Procedures

All faculty hiring is facilitated by the Office of Academic Affairs.

General Hiring Principles

  • Before you start the search process, please get approval from the VCAA. Before starting, all searches must be approved by the cabinet. The VCAA will let you know when you can proceed.
  • Any time someone is newly appointed to a position, even an interim or visiting position, you must have a vacancy notice created (Step 4, below).
  • Those asked to serve as chair of a Search and Screen Committee must have training prior to serving (provided by the office of Affirmative Action).
  • Search and Screen committees must be diverse in terms of race and/or ethnicity and must be approved by the Affirmative Action officer and the Faculty Liaison.
  • All hiring documents must be kept for five years.
  • Emails for all searches should copy the following people:
    • Hiring Supervisor (HS)
    • Affirmative Action Officer (AAO)
    • Faculty Liaison (FL)
    • Secretary for Affirmative Action (SAAO)
    • Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs (EAAA)
    • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA)
    • Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (AVCAA)
  • Emails regarding salary should include:
    • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    • Vice Chancellor for Finance
    • Affirmative Action Officer/ Chief of Staff
    • Hiring Supervisor and/or Dean
  • The sequence of approval in the hiring software is:
    1. Affirmative Action Officer
    2. Faculty Liaison
    3. Dean
    4. VCAA


  • Ads should be posted for 30 days minimum online, typically,, Chronicle Careers, and other discipline-specific publications as needed. The 30 days is for government compliance in relation to hiring foreign nationals. Internal searches must be posted for at least 5 working days.
  • Human Resources will post on the IU Kokomo and HigherEdJobs websites
  • Academic Affairs will post on the Chronicle website
  • The hiring unit will mail advertisements to historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic institutions.
  • The hiring unit will place ads in discipline-specific publications if requested/needed

Process and Procedures

Step 1: Prepare a Position Authorization Form

  • Please use the Position Authorization Form. Note, this PDF should be saved to your hard drive, completed in Acrobat, then emailed as an attachment. If you simply open the PDF in your web browser, it may not work. There is no need to print it off. 
    • Note:  salary ranges are no longer listed as the salary of another faculty in the same area will be reviewed for equality issues
  • Justification and recruitment plan for the position should accompany the position authorization.
    • Justification should explain:
      • What this faculty member will do
      • Why they are needed
      • What their qualifications will be
      • What other costs this new faculty member will likely incur (such as lab costs). It should be noted whether these are one time or continuing.
  • You will receive an email copy from the Affirmative Action office when all signatures are on the form

Step 2: Form the Search Committee

  • Send member names of the search and screen committee via email to the Affirmative Action Officer and Faculty Liaison for approval. 
  • The Affirmative Action Officer does not need to attend the initial meeting since the committee chair has been trained in correct search procedures and can train the committee

Step 3: Create the Advertisement and Recruitment Plan

  • Meet with the committee members and prepare an advertisement and recruitment plan.  The following must be included in all ads:

One of eight campuses of Indiana University, Indiana University Kokomo is a comprehensive non-residential campus located 50 miles north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana, a city with a population of about 50,000. Committed to student success and community engagement, the campus serves approximately 3,100 students from a 14-county area in north central Indiana. IU Kokomo has approximately 260 full-time faculty and staff. Associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees are offered. Additional information about Indiana University Kokomo can be accessed at

Indiana University Kokomo seeks faculty skilled at working with members of diverse cultures and committed to preparing students to be engaged members of an increasingly diverse society. Indiana University Kokomo is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation or identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status.  This institution is also a provider of ADA services.

Interested candidates should review the application requirements and submit their application at  Questions regarding the position or application process can be directed to [insert department contact and full mailing address.]

  • Take care on describing the requirements for the position—the language of the advertisement determines whether candidates are qualified for the job and can be interviewed. 
  • Have ad approved by the Office of Affirmative Action and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • The recruitment plan lists all venues for advertising. Please see the above section on Advertisements for standard advertising procedures. Please list the approximate cost for ads in discipline-specific venues.

Step 4: Ask the Vice Chancellor Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs (EAAA) to Create a Vacancy Notice in Academic Position Search

Step 5: Ask the EAAA to Create New Faculty Posting in PeopleAdmin Faculty Applicant Tracking System

After this point, the advertisements will be run and candidates will apply by uploading their materials into the system. You can ask the EAAA for updates as to how many candidates have applied.

Step 6: Sort Candidates into Pools

The advertisement will have a date that indicates when you will begin to review candidates. On or after that date, the committee must divide the candidates into pools and communicate this to the EAAA. The committee needs to create a table that lists all of the candidates. Within the table, candidates need to be labeled with one of the following categories:

  • Long List—These are candidates who meet all of the position qualifications as listed in the advertisement and that you wish to conduct a preliminary interview with, such as by phone or Skype.
  • Qualified—These are candidates who are qualified but are not on your long list. You have no plans to interview them.
  • Not Qualified—These candidates do not meet the qualifications for the position as listed in the advertisement. In the table, make a brief explanation as to why the candidate is not qualified. Note, any candidates with incomplete packets are listed as not qualified. If their packet is later completed, you may choose to move them to another category.

Provide this table to the EAAA, who will enter it into the computer system. Note, you can begin sorting candidates into pools before the closing date, but is not completed until then.

Step 7: Request Permission to Conduct Preliminary Interviews

Ask the EAAA to request permission to conduct preliminary interviews, such as by phone. She will let you know when they are approved. You will interview everyone on your long list. Please ask candidates their salary expectations so you can get a sense of their viability. Note, you are not to inform candidates of our salary expectations.

Step 8: Campus Interviews

First, determine which candidates you want to bring to campus. Provide their names to the EAAA. She will tell you when they are approved.

Second, have your Administrative Assistant arrange the campus visit for the candidate.

Third, conduct the interviews. Finalists will be told that they must provide the name and contact information of a direct supervisor and those supervisors will be contacted.

Fourth, conduct reference checks. Note, this can be done as you're conducting the interviews. One reference should have been a direct supervisor. Reference checks should be kept in departmental files for at least five years.

Fifth, once the interviews are completed, the committee will evaluate the candidates and email their report to the VCAA, Dean, Affirmative Action Officer and the Faculty Liaison

  • The report should include strengths and weaknesses
  • Do not formally rank candidates, though you can make your preferences clear, such as through the language you use and the order you list them

Step 9: Request Permission to Make an Offer

Ask the EAAA to enter a request to make an offer into the system. She will need to attach the report of strengths and weaknesses.

Last updated: 09/14/2018