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FLAGS Early Alert

FLAGS (Early Alert and Attendance roster)

Student Engagement Roster (SER)

The Student Engagement Roster (SER) is a new portal to submit FLAGS. The new SER portal will be rolled out to all IU Kokomo faculty Fall 2018.

What is FLAGS?

Early Alerts have morphed by name and function over the last few years. Now identified as FLAGS, this reporting system allows faculty to identify students’ attendance and progress within courses.

Why Do We Use FLAGS?

FLAGS serves two purposes: (1) To provide federally required information to Financial Aid regarding attendance; (2) To help students by connecting those who need support with services, particularly Advising, Writing Center, Math Commons, and Technology Support

What We Need You to Do

We are asking you to do three things:

Week 1: Report Attendance by midnight Sunday, August 26, 2018. Federal Aid Regulations prevent the release of funds for students who have never attended.  The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid needs you to report any student who is on your roster and did not attend your class the first week*. Please use the indicator Never attended. Advisors will also contact by phone those students flagged with Never Attended.

*Note: If a student could not attend your first week of class but contacted you with a reasonable explanation and/or documentation, you may report them as Attending to prevent them from possibly missing aid disbursement

Week 2 through 4: Report Attendance and Progress by midnight Sunday, September 16, 2018. Advising will pull attendance and progress reports in Week 5 and contact students flagged as Stopped attending, Never attended, or Not passing course. The Office of Student Success and Advising also places academic holds for first year students who receive a Never Attended, Stopped Attending, or Not Passing Course FLAG in any course. An Advising Hold will prevent them from registering for the next semester until and unless they meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their performance and form a plan for improvement. 

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid needs you to report Attending or Attendance Improving for those that were flagged in the first week but are now attending. The Office of the Registrar will generate Progress reports in Week 5 and lists of students with recommended action as Consult with Math lab/Writing lab/Tech lab will be sent to the math commons, writing center, and technology support respectively. The Registrar will also generate progress reports for Athletics and the Office of Career and Accessibility Services.

Week 5 through 9: Update Rosters and 8W2 attendance by midnight Sunday, October 21, 2018. Please update the roster on those students flagged in Week 1 through 4 regarding attendance or progress. Please identify students Never Attended the first week of their 8-week course. Advising will pull reports in Week 10 and will contact students flagged as Never Attended or Not passing course. The Registrar will also generate progress reports for Athletics and the Office of Career and Accessibility Services.

To help you remember to perform these actions, Academic Affairs will send out reminders to KO Faculty and KO Adjunct during Week 1, 4 and 9.

Submit Attendance and Progress

Go to either or Canvas, choose Student Engagement Roster (Faculty)

With the new SER portal there are more feedback indicators (attached) to choose from (both positive and negative) to submit for each student. We would appreciate you engaging in many of the indicators but it is important to provide feedback in the Attendance, Overall Engagement, and Assistance Needed categories.

Please utilize the instructions attached to learn how to add feedback for individual students or how to add feedback for multiple students at one time. The instructions are also located on the FLAGS website, If you prefer video tutorials, these are also located on the FLAGS website. *Note: Make sure to review materials for the new portal, Student Engagement Roster (SER) not the old/current Student Performance Roster.

Instructions:>for faculty & staff>how to submit feedback>scroll>download the pdf for faculty using SER.

Video tutorials:>for faculty & staff>how to submit feedback>scroll>SER video channel>scroll>videos 1, 2, 4, and 5 (recommended)

Inform Students

Please inform your enrolled students that we are using a new portal for FLAGS called the Student Engagement Roster. Students can access their FLAGS either through or Canvas choosing Student Engagement Roster (Student).

Note: Although advisors can see the FLAGS report when doing individual advising and can help offer academic resources to students if trends develop across courses, FLAGS does not replace the conversations faculty normally have with individual students regarding attendance and progress.

If you have additional concerns regarding an individual student’s progress, please email the advising center at

If you need assistance with the FLAGS system, please contact the Office of the Registrar

(765) 455-9391 or email CTLA at Visit the FLAGS website to learn how to access and use FLAGS.

Last updated: 09/14/2018