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Statements and Commitments

IU Kokomo Mission Statement

The mission of Indiana University Kokomo, a regional campus of Indiana University, is to enhance the educational and professional attainment of the residents of north central Indiana through effective teaching, learning, and civic engagement and by providing a wide range of bachelor's degrees, and a limited number of master's and associate degrees. Indiana University Kokomo is further dedicated to enhancing research, creative work, and other scholarly activity, promoting diversity and inclusion, and strengthening the economic and cultural vitality of the region and the state through a variety of community engagement, partnerships, and programs.

IU Kokomo Vision Statement

Indiana University Kokomo will be an educational institution of the first choice. Students will have a transformative experience resulting in broad and deep knowledge, an ability to integrate professionalism and ethics, and exceptional skills in analytical and critical reasoning, innovative problem solving and effective communication. We will educate future leaders with a focus on inclusiveness, diversity, culture, civic engagement and globalization. Together with students, our faculty and staff will serve the world through scholarship, creative work, and community engagement.

Approved by the Indiana University Kokomo Strategic Planning Committee, August 2015

Statement of Commitments Indiana University Kokomo contributes to its students and to the region through the affirmation of the following values in all of its endeavors:

Commitment to Student Learning

The campus community provides a learner-centered environment grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and linked to the professional schools. We are committed to open and free inquiry, high-quality instruction and academic support services, experiences that foster students' development, opportunities for experiential learning, and the enhancement of skills in the areas of civic engagement, diversity, and global awareness and involvement.

Commitment to Regional Engagement

The campus community works with regional partners, including other educational institutions, to enhance the vitality of the region by promoting community engagement opportunities as a key campus strategy and by valuing service as a core component of faculty, student, and staff responsibilities and experiences.

Commitment to Diversity

The campus community demonstrates its commitment to diversity by providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment that promotes integrity and respect among all members of the campus community and by valuing shared governance and open, civil discourse.

Commitment to Innovation

As a community of learners, the campus embraces innovation and creativity in its pursuit of best practices in teaching and learning, student development, institutional stewardship, and scholarly activity.

Commitment to Assessment

The campus community embraces a culture of assessment, actively seeking evidence for improving current practices while providing an atmosphere in which new initiatives can develop as the campus strives for excellence in all of its work.

Note: The campus mission, vision, and commitment statements were approved by the IU Kokomo Faculty Senate September 2005. The IU Board of Trustees approved the mission statement November 4, 2005. It has been forwarded to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Revisions to the mission statement were approved by the IU Kokomo Faculty Senate November 2016 and the IU Board of Trustees June 2017.

Last updated: 09/20/2018