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Composition of Departmental/School Promotion and Tenure Committees

This document clarifies and expands upon the University’s guidelines and requirements for promotion and tenure committees.


Member— someone who is allowed to both participate in and vote upon deliberations of the committee

Participant—one who is allowed to participate in deliberations of the committee but who has no voting privileges.

Unit Administrator—a unit administrator who makes an individual recommendation on a candidate. 

Departmental/School Committee Composition Guidelines

  1. The committee shall have at least three members.
  2. The department chair and the representative to the all campus tenure and promotion committee may not vote in the departmental/school committee. Voting eligibility is further restricted by the rank the candidate is seeking:
    • Senior Lecturer—Tenured faculty and senior lecturers may vote
    • Clinical Faculty—Any tenured faculty on any level and clinical ranked faculty at or above the rank being sought may vote
    • Associate Professor—Tenured faculty may vote
    • Full Professor— Tenured faculty may vote. In addition, at least 1/3 of committee must be at the rank of full professor.
  3. Participation among non-voting members is allowed as follows:
    • Unit Administrator—May not participate
    • Departmental Committee representative to the Campus Wide Committee— May observe but not participate
    • Full time faculty member of the department—May participate at school’s discretion
  4. Eligibility for voting for tenure is the same as eligibility for voting for promotion to Associate Professor.
  5. The committee should, as much as possible, have at least one member who shares an area of appointment or expertise with the candidate.  For example, a candidate in Communication Arts shall have at least one member who is appointed in Communication Arts, or at least is seen as having expertise in a substantially similar area of expertise.
  6. If the Promotion & Tenure Committee Chair determines that outside members are needed to complete the review, the committee chair, in consultation with the Dean and the Candidate, will solicit appropriate membership. The original Promotion & Tenure Committee will then vote to accept or reject the suggested additional members
  7. In the case where outside members are sought, emeritus faculty of the department, tenured faculty from other departments on the IU Kokomo Campus, the IU system, or other campuses shall be considered, as appropriate.

Approved by Faculty Senate, 3/8/2010

Last updated: 09/14/2018