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Trustees Treaching Award Guidelines

The Trustees Teaching Award (TTA) was established by the Board of Trustees of Indiana University under the following guidelines:

  • The TTA is to be awarded to no more than 6% of tenured and tenure-track faculty members and 6% of full-time lecturers and clinical faculty members who have demonstrated that they were the campus' best teachers during the previous calendar year.
  • Recipients of the TTA shall receive $2500.
  • Winners of the TTA are eligible to receive the award in subsequent years.

The following campus guidelines were developed in consultation with the Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. In addition, attention was given to the guidelines of other IU campuses in the formation of these guidelines. Changes in these campus guidelines may be recommended by future Trustees Teaching Awards Committees.

Eligibility for the Award

Only tenured and tenure-track faculty members whose workload is at least 50% classroom instruction and full-time lecturers and clinical faculty members are eligible for the award.

Period under Review

Awards are annual and will be based solely on the teaching contributions of the year under review.

Due Date for Award

The Dean/Director shall electronically send the nominated applications from their school/division to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for Faculty Development and Campus Assessment by April 1st. Faculty must submit their applications electronically to their Dean/Director prior to an earlier deadline set by their school/division.

Applying for the Award

The  application process is as follows:

  1. The candidate submits an application to their Dean/Director by their unit's due date. The candidate's application must be in the form of the template below. 
  2. The Dean/Director will use the unit's process for determining which applications to nominate for their unit. They may not total more than 25% of the unit's eligible faculty.
  3. The Dean/Director will send the unit's nominations to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for Faculty Development and Campus Assessment by April 1st.

School/Division Nominations for the Award

Schools/Divisions shall have a nomination process that limits the number of candidates to no more than 25% of the eligible faculty within their unit. The nomination process should be in writing and provided to the Academic Affairs office by the Dean.

Campus Level Awards Trustees Teaching Award Committee

A committee called The Trustees Teaching Award Committee (TTAC) will be responsible for recommending campus recipients of the Trustees Teaching award to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This committee will be constituted using processes similar to the formation of Faculty Senate Committees (Bylaws Section 1.2: Composition of Committees). It shall allow for representation of faculty from all academic units. Deans/Directors will be responsible for submitting the name of their unit's TTAC representative to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs no later than April 1st of each year. As candidates will change from year to year, a new committee will be formed each year. Representatives to the committee are ineligible to receive a TTA in the years that they serve.

Campus Process for Selecting Award Winners

The process for selecting winners will consist of a review by the committee members who are not in the applicant's school/division, using the scoring rubric below. The TTAC will evaluate the candidates by using the scoring rubric below, which is designed to coordinate with the award criteria. The full committee will review cases in which a tie cannot be resolved.

The Office of Academic Affairs will inform unit candidates in writing as to whether or not they were successful in their application for a TTA. In no event will documents completed by committee members be made available to applicants, nor will there be any comments or summaries of scores given to applicants. Changes in these campus guidelines may be recommended by future TTAC's.

The number of awards given each year will be determined by the amount of money designated for the awards under Trustee guidelines.

Application Format

The application must be in the form of the template below. Additional documentation may be submitted, as long as the application does not exceed eight pages, plus two pages of summary analysis. TTAC will review no more than ten pages (including summary tables, graphics or other analyses of numerical or written student evaluations of teaching). The TTAC recognizes that except for items I and II (see below), faculty members may not have materials in each of the categories.

I. Teaching/Learning goals and practice: For each course, you have taught during the calendar year covered by this report, identify the learning goals established for the course and briefly describe how the course is designed to achieve these goals. When leading goals are set departmentally, discuss how teaching techniques have been developed or refined to meet these goals.

II. Evidence of teaching effectiveness: Evidence of teaching effectiveness should include substantive information about student learning. Such evidence may include summaries of student comments on student evaluations as well as peer advising of teaching effectiveness. Use only student evaluation data for courses taught during the calendar year covered by this report.

(a) Acceptable evidence includes summary sheets from student evaluations as well as statistical summaries presented in tabular or graphic format. Do not submit raw data.

(b) Summary information must make clear exactly what questions were asked and the value assigned to responses. (e.g., Strongly Agree= 1 or Strongly Agree=5)

(c) If student comments are presented, they should be presented in some summary fashion and should be a representative sample. The total number of responses should be indicated and accompanied by some analysis of the proportion of positive, neutral or negative comments.

III. Participation in the scholarship of teaching: Describe the ways in which you keep abreast of changes in teaching practices in your field, for example, have contributed to the advancement of teaching in the department, division, school and/or discipline (e.g., presentations at teaching-related conferences, facilitating workshops, publishing teaching-related articles in refereed print or online journals). In addition, you should describe your participation in organizations with a teaching mission, as well as your efforts to keep abreast of changes in teaching practices in your field. You should include, but are not limited to, describing your participation in teaching conferences, workshops, and other teaching-related development activities. Some projects reported in the research section of the annual report may be included in this category.

IV. Serving as a catalyst for enhancement of teaching: Include activities such as:

(a) Mentoring of other faculty

(b) Peer-review projects

(c) Participation in preparing or presenting workshops or symposia designed to help faculty enhance teaching skills

(d) Participation in preparing guidelines, teaching-aids, assessment tools and other materials related to discipline, campus, or university-wide efforts to improve teaching.

(e) Contribution to course and curriculum development in your department, division, school, campus, or university.

More weight will be given to these activities when they are accompanied, where appropriate, by evidence of effectiveness. Some projects reported under the service section of the annual report may be included in this category.

V. Interaction with and availability to students: provide evidence of effective academic advising of students as well as mentoring of students in other capacities. This may include, but is not limited to, activities such as participation in a mentoring program; working with students on research projects, to get papers accepted at conference or exhibitions and performances, and supervising students in internship and service learning programs.

VI. Teaching Awards, Honors, and Grants: Report only teaching-related awards, honors and grants received during the calendar year covered by this report.

VII. Other: Provide any evidence of teaching excellence that does not fit into the categories above.

Scoring Rubric

Trustees Teaching Award Scoring Rubric

I&II.Teaching/Learning Goals & Practice, Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
Total Point Range 0-40

Learning goals and how course designed to achieve them ____

Evidence of student learning___

Summaries of student comments (representative)_____

Summaries of student evaluations ____

Peer evaluations of teaching effectiveness _____

Other evidence _____

Subtotal I&II _______

Ill. Participation in the Scholarship of Teaching
Total Point Range 0-15

Keep abreast of changes in teaching practices in your field ______

Keep abreast of changes in teaching practices in your field ______

Attend professional organizations _____

Present at professional meetings______

Publications _____

Research in teaching issues ______

Subtotal III _______

IV. Serving as a Catalyst for enhancement of Teaching
Total Point Range 0-10

Mentoring other faculty____

Mentoring other faculty____

Peer review projects ____

Participation in workshops or symposia _____

Presentation at workshops or symposia _____

Preparing materials such as:

a) guidelines ____ b) teaching aids _____ c) assessment tools____

d) other materials (evidence of effectiveness) __

Subtotal IV ________

V. Interaction With and Availability to Students
Total Point Range 0-10

Academic Advising _____


Assisting students with research papers for conferences, exhibition, etc. ______

Supervising students in internship and service learning programs____

Other ___

Subtotal V ________

VI. Teaching Awards, Teaching-Related Grants & Honors; Other
Total Point Range 0-5

Teaching Awards, Teaching-Related Grants & Honors ____

Other ____

Subtotal VI _________

GRAND TOTAL ________

Conversion1, 2 and 3 rank value:


Total Points from 0-80