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Administrative Offices
Office of Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program at IU Kokomo enriches undergraduate teaching and learning by promoting student curiosity and facilitating the development of independence and confidence in our students. This program provides opportunities for students to pursue scholarly exploration and discovery and supports advanced study in preparation for graduate school. Research addressing power, privilege, and empowerment is particularly encouraged. It is ultimately hoped that these experiences will serve to foster the pursuit of advanced academic study on behalf of these students especially, wherever possible, underrepresented women and minority candidates.

Program Objectives

  1. To develop "a sense of inquiry" on behalf of the student participants
  2. To provide investigational, "open-ended experiences" for students in order to build their academic independence and confidence
  3. To provide an academic, credit-bearing, employment opportunity for students
  4. To provide IUK faculty with collaborative, professional development opportunities with IU Kokomo students

Program Administration

The program is administered by Academic Affairs. The maximum number of proposals funded will be dependent on available funds. A waiting list of additional, worthy, project proposals will be established in case approved projects are canceled for any reason. Academic Affairs will provide an opportunity to disseminate the results of projects by holding an annual Student Research Symposium sponsored by the Honors Program.

Project Guidelines

The Undergraduate Research Program adheres to the following project guidelines:

  • Proposals require the prior approval of department/division/school administrators. The administrator’s signature is required before submission of the URP application.
  • Participating students are expected to work roughly 4-5 hours per week throughout the semester of participation.
  • It will be the responsibility of the faculty supervisor to ensure that the expectations of the student project are reasonable and achievable within the allotted timeframe of the proposal.
  • All program participants will be encouraged to present and/or publish their project and its findings through some suitable, professional forum and/or publication.
  • Any full-time faculty is eligible to supervise a research project.
  • Faculty is generally limited to no more than one project in any semester, as the goal is to spread out opportunities broadly among faculty and students.
  • Faculty may reapply to continue research into a second semester, but they must submit a new application. In addition, priority for funding will go to first-time student applicants.
  • Faculty should submit a summary of the project outcomes and how student learning objectives were achieved upon the conclusion of the project.


Faculty participants will receive a stipend of $1,500 for the coordination of the URP with the student. Faculty may reapply to continue research into a second semester/term, but they must submit a new application.

Student participants will be provided with a stipend of up to $750, paid hourly, for the one-semester/term project. Funding of the student activities will not extend beyond the semester/term unless the faculty supervisor reapplies for funding in the next semester/term. Funding for the projects will not be provided to another student if the student is not able to fulfill their URP responsibilities in the specified semester/term.

Students may engage in the project as a for-credit experience with the faculty member as the instructor. If this takes place, the faculty member receives compensation for only one of the activities (internship credit/class or URP funding), whichever is paid higher.

Evaluation of Proposals

The Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Development and Grants Committee (FDGC) is charged with the ongoing responsibility to review applications and to recommend funding allocations for URP applications submitted by faculty and students to the Office of Academic Affairs. Projects should be judged based on how well they meet the program’s objectives and based on the URP evaluation criteria which explain what is expected in the submitted proposals.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please follow the application guidelines.

Applications should be submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Application deadlines are based on the semester the proposal will start.

  • Fall Semester: July 15
  • Spring Semester: November 15
  • Summer session: April 15

Note: These proposed changes will be in effect for projects starting in Summer Session 2018.

Last updated: 10/05/2018