Learning Communities & Academic Support

Freshman Learning Communities: 

Indiana University Kokomo provides an opportunity for freshmen designed to help them become acclimated to the college environment. These learning communities taught, in many cases, by faculty members who are world-class scholars and award winning teachers support students both academically and socially as they make the transition from high school to the university setting. Course structures vary from one community to another, yet what remains consistent across all formats are faculty members and campus staff who are committed to student success. Advisors play a key role in these communities by providing important notices regarding registration and campus services. Other characteristics of the communities are increased opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom on field trips and campus events.

Past learning community themes include Monsters, a seminar exploring the repulsion yet fascination with these dark, monstrous manifestations; The Mockingjay and Other Symbols of Power, a course that features the Hunger Games trilogy and explores the human yearning that seeks power for the powerless or right over wrong; Images, Text, and Reality, which focuses on the production of visual and written text to understand and portray reality; among many others. Some communities focus specifically on majors such as education, business, allied health and nursing, to name just a few.

Participation in these unique course offerings allows students to meet new people, to belong to a community of learners and instructors, and to pursue a topic of mutual interest. Students should contact their advisors for a list of current Freshman Learning Community offerings.

Academic Support Services: Each new student is assigned an academic advisor based on the student’s chosen major. All students should consult their academic advisors before registering for classes.

Student Success Center

(765) 455-9425


The Student Success Center is a group of collective student services all in one convenient place. The services include: The Writing Center, English as a Second Language (ESL) services, Digital Media Center, Information Technology (IT) training and academic coaching.

The Writing Center: The Writing Center offers free tutoring Monday through Saturday (with limited summer hours) in both writing and Spanish. Students may simply stop by for assistance or call (765) 455-9425 to schedule a 30-minute appointment. Tutors may also be instant messaged for quick questions about grammar and citing on our website www.iuk/writing-center or by contacting the Writing Center. English as a Second Language (ESL) services: ESL services provide one-on-one tutoring, assessments and group seminars for the academic support of international students who need help in English proficiency. Call (765) 455-9425 for an appointment.

Digital Media Center: The Digital Media Center is a multimedia production facility that allows the creativity of its users to take form.

Information Technology (IT) training: IT training removes technology roadblocks to enable student success. IT tutoring by appointment (M-Th after 5 p.m. and on weekends) and walk-in (M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Call (765) 455-9589 to make an appointment.

Ask an Advisor/Academic coaching: Do you need to get organized? Do you need assistance with taking notes? Do you have problems taking tests? Do you need to be motivated to learn? Do you experience test anxiety? Are you having issues that are preventing you from being successful in the classroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have questions or concerns related to student success, call (765) 455-9425 to meet with an academic or peer advisor in the Student Success Center.

The Math Lab

Barbara Sehr, coordinator

(765) 455-9587 (coordinator's office)

(765) 455-9586 (appointments)


The IU Kokomo Mathematics Laboratory is located in Room KO 048 in the basement of the Main Building and is staffed with peer and professional tutors. During the fall and spring semesters, the lab is open from 9 a.m. to 8:15 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 10 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. on Friday. During the summer sessions the lab is open at least 4 hours each day, Monday through Thursday, and those Fridays when Math classes meet. Visit the IU Kokomo Math Lab website (www.iuk.edu/mathlab) to view the summer schedule.

Students enrolled in Foundations of College Algebra (Math-M104), College Algebra (Math-M105), Pre-Calculus Mathematics (Math-M125/MA153), Trigonometry (Math-M126/MA154), Finite Mathematics (Math-M118), Survey of Calculus 1 and 2 (Math-M119/MA221, Math-M120/MA222), Topics in Mathematics and Topics in Probability and Statistics (Math-M134, Math-M133), and Statistical Techniques (Math-K310/Stat301) can receive help on an "as needed" basis while they complete online or textbook homework, or they may take advantage of one-on-one tutoring appointments and group study opportunities. Visit www.iuk.edu/mathlab  for additional information about the services and hours for students in the class in which you are enrolled. 

Please call 765-455-9586 or drop by the lab to schedule a tutoring appointment. Students in M134, M133 and K310 should call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule time with a tutor.

The lab is equipped with 40 computers for students to use while completing their online homework and quizzes or accessing their e-texts. Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculators and copies of the textbooks currently used in the math classes are available to students for use in the lab. The calculators can also be checked out, for up to three hours, for use in a class.

Students who are enrolled in Foundations of College Algebra (Math-M104) and College Algebra (Math-M105) are required to attend one Math-M3 lab session in the math lab each week, and are also encouraged to visit the lab at other times during the week to work on their assignments and receive assistance from the tutors, if needed. Students enrolled in Math-M2 (College Math Readiness Program) are also invited to make use of the lab resources on a drop-in basis.

Additional information about services provided by the IU Kokomo Math Lab can be found at www.iuk.edu/mathlab.


(765) 455-9265


Ask A Librarian (Reference/Research) Service Desk

(765) 455-9521, iuklib@iuk.edu

Circulation/Reserves Service Desk

(765) 455-9513

The Indiana University Kokomo Library provides the collections, services, and environments to support and strengthen the teaching, learning, and research missions of Indiana University Kokomo. The library website serves as a gateway for students to explore resources. Access to the IU Kokomo Library print and digital collections are made available through the online catalog (IUCAT), a discovery tool (EBSCO Discovery Service or EDS), and hundreds of databases. Students may also request materials from other Indiana University Libraries. The library's electronic resources are accessible from any computer on campus, and most electronic resources can be accessed 24/7 from off campus with a valid network ID login. The IU Kokomo Library is also a federal and state depository library for government documents. Once activated, a student ID card (Cougar Card) serves as a library card and can be used to check out materials, including class reserves, at the Circulation/Reserves Service Desk.

Librarians are available to assist students in using library resources during Ask A Librarian Service Desk hours. Students may stop by the Ask a Librarian desk for in-person assistance or contact the desk by phone, e-mail, or chat. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with a librarian for individualized research consultations.

Study rooms, the Learning Commons area, Information Literacy classrooms, and other library spaces provide students with a great environment to study and carry out research activities, both independently and in group settings. Wireless access is available in the library for students with wireless-enabled devices such as laptops or smartphones.

In addition to library services, other student support services are housed in the library, including academic coaching, the Writing Center, English as a Second Language (ESL) Services, the Digital Media Center, Information Technology (UITS) Training, the Computer Services Helpdesk, and the UITS Support Center.  

The hours of the Library may vary at times throughout the semester. If you are unsure of the current hours, call the Library, or check the hours on the Library website, http://www.iuk.edu/library. Some service areas in the library may have hours that differ from library hours. Check the websites of those services to determine hours.

Support Center/Helpdesk: UITS provides support to both academic and administrative computing resources, serving students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The UITS Helpdesk is your first stop for getting support for any technology issues on campus. There are three open labs for student use: the Division of Education’s CuLab; the Learning Commons, located in the library (offering more than 90 systems); and Hunt Hall, Room SM102. IU Kokomo also has eight scheduled computer classrooms and offers wireless laptops available to be checked out in the library. All computers provide access to the Internet and many popular software titles. All computers require a valid network ID for login. To activate your network ID, visit itaccounts.iu.edu or contact the UITS Helpdesk at least 24–48 hours after you have been admitted.  www.iuk.edu/it

Email: All IU Kokomo students are required to set up an IU email account. Students can set up their email account online at itaccounts.iu.edu or at the UITS Helpdesk located in the library. All official IU Kokomo communication with students will be delivered via this email account. Students can access their email using OneStart® online at onestart.iu.edu.

IT Training and Tutoring

IT Training and tutoring for IU Kokomo students is provided at NO CHARGE. The mission of IU Kokomo IT Training is to “Remove Technology Roadblocks to Enable Student Success!” Tutoring by IT Training staff is available in the IT Support Center, Room KA 221 in the Library by appointment during Library “open hours”, and by walk-in (M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Call (765) 455-9589 to make an appointment. Visit the IU Kokomo IT Training Web site at http://www.iuk.edu/it-training. Read your IU email at least once a week!

Additional Academic Information

Grade Reporting

Grades are posted online and can be accessed via OneStart® at onestart.iu.edu.

Grade Requirements

A student who earns less than a 2.0 grade point average for the semester will be placed on academic probation. Students placed on probation should contact their academic advisor to discuss plans for improvement. Students placed on probation are subject to dismissal after one semester of probation. Please read specific guidelines in the IU Kokomo Academic Bulletin.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of C (2.0) or better in all fundamental skills courses. Students should receive a grade of C- (1.7) or better to advance to the next mathematics course. Each academic major has academic standards for degree completion. Students should check the IU Kokomo Bulletin at iuk.edu/bulletin for minimum grade requirements within the major.

Office of Academic Affairs for Student Success and Advising

Main Building, Room KO286, Cathy Barnes, Advising Coordinator, (765) 455-9309, www.iuk.edu/advising

Academic Affairs provides orientation and convocation for new students, and academic advising services to all undergraduate students. The campus testing and evaluation of student programs are conducted in this office, as well as the evaluation of policies and procedures for student success. Our goal is graduation for all students.