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Money Matters

Late Registration Fee

Fall /Spring Semester

1st week of classes $25.00

2nd week of classes $50.00

3rd week of classes $75.00

4th week of classes and thereafter $100.00

Summer Sessions

1st week of classes $25.00

2nd week of classes and thereafter $50.00

Monthly Late Fees/Collections• (Nonrefundable/Mandatory) Monthly late fees will be assessed at 1.5 percent of the past due balance (minimum late fee $2.00) until paid in full OR turned over to collections.

* Tuition and fees are mandatory fees. Fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Trustees of Indiana University, the vice president of finance, or the campus chancellor.

Refund Schedule

Credit-hour fees and directly-related fees are refundable upon proper withdrawal from course work. Refunds are based on the following schedule:

Courses 9+ weeks in length

1st week of classes 100%

2nd week of classes 75%

3rd week of classes 50%

4th week of classes 25%

Thereafter 0%

Courses 5–8 weeks in length

1st week of classes 100%

2nd week of classes 50%

Thereafter 0%

For courses less than 5 weeks in length, please see the office of the bursar.

Payment Options

Students can pay their tuition bill in OneStart® (self-service) using a checking or savings account, VISA, MasterCard, or JCB, American Express. All credit card payments must be made in OneStart®. Cash payments can be made at the Office of the Bursar, and check payments can be mailed to our payment processing center.

If parents wish to pay student fees by credit card, students will have to provide Authorized Payer access in OneStart®. A personal deferment option payment plan is available for students who are registered for at least 3 credit hours and who are in good standing with the university. Complete information on this payment plan is available on the IU Kokomo Web site, www.iuk.edu.

Indiana University refers past due accounts for collections. Where appropriate, the university will authorize third party and/or legal action to effect resolution of an account. Students will be liable for all reasonable collection costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of a past due account.

NOTE: Students may go to OneStart® at any time to view or print their bill and make a payment. There is no grace period for payment of fees. Either the Office of the Bursar or the Office of the Registrar may terminate any registration.

If students have sponsor paperwork to submit by which IU Kokomo is to bill an outside agency for their tuition—that paperwork must be submitted by the due date on the bill, and any fees not paid by the sponsor, must be paid when the sponsor paperwork is submitted.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

This office handles all federal and state aid, as well as scholarships and the Federal Work-Study program. The work-study program makes it possiblefor eligible students to be employed part time on campus. To meet the priority deadline for financial aid, the processing center must receive the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA ) by March 10. FAFSA on the Web worksheets may be obtained from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Room 230, Kelley Student Center, or online at fafsa. ed.gov as early as January 1.

The term “semester hour” indicates a unit of credit earned in a course and is usually based on the amount of time a class meets during the week. For example, a 1 credit-hour course normally meets for 50 minutes one day a week; a 2 credit-hour course meets twice a week for 50 minutes each meeting; etc. Exceptions to this general rule are noted in the Schedule of Classes.

The normal course load for an incoming freshman is 12–17 hours of credit each semester. To determine the course load within the 12–17 hour range that is most appropriate for you, refer to the guidelines indicated on the next page and check with your advisor.

Employment Recommendations

For students who will be working while attending IU Kokomo, below is the recommended credit hours based on employment obligations.

Works 40 hiours/week,

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