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New Student Orientation

Cougars on the

  • P Partnership
    with faculty, students and staff for student success
  • R Registration
    for classes that will lead to goal of graduation
  • O Orientationto IU Kokomo policies and procedures, and services
  • W WelcomeExperience as you enter IU Kokomo…The Home of the Cougars
  • L Learningabout campus life and experiences and services Beyond Campus life at IU Kokomo

What is orientation?

Orientation is a welcoming experience and an avenue to assist students in understanding the academic community.  The IU Kokomo orientation is designed to provide new students with an array of information on activities and services about our campus and promote and enhance student success.  We hope each student will have a successful road to graduation at IU Kokomo. We are glad you have chosen us for your educational needs.

Useful orientation info

It is important that students continue to explore our web site and read information that will allow them to be successful on campus. We encourage you to read the information on the following links:

Your orientation date is based on your admit date. Below are the upcoming orientations.

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What do I need to bring?

  • Check-in between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
  • Bring a picture ID
  • Park in Student Parking area by Kresge Auditorium and the Kelley Student Center
  • Plan to be on campus until at least 2 p.m.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothing.
  • Come prepared to learn about IU Kokomo

What will I be doing on orientation day?

  • Get a Cougar Welcome
  • Meet other freshmen and transfer students
  • Talk to student leaders about expectations and experiences at IU Kokomo
  • Receive information on policies and procedures of the campus
  • Learn about campus resources
  • Meet faculty and staff of the IU Kokomo Family
  • Verify that computer accounts work and get a first hand look at our Web-based system used for student records and registration
  • Get a Student ID
  • Have Some Fun
  • Get information on experiences Beyond Campus Life
  • Receive Free IU Kokomo gifts

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Success and Advising by calling 765-455-9405; email us at NSORSVP@iuk.edu or  stop by room 280 of the Main Building.

How do I set up my IU e-mail address?

Please establish your ADS (Computer) and IU e-mail accounts prior to attending orientation. Click below and follow the instructions to establish these accounts.  If you need assistance, call 765-455-9315.

Click to set up your ADS (Computer) and IU e-mail accounts

Immunization Compliance - Please complete and submit this compliance form

  1. Login to OneStart® using your IU username and password
  2. Select Student Role in the top right corner: Then select Self-Service Tab
  3. Under the Personal Info channel, select: Immunization Compliance Form
  4. Read about the risks of meningitis
  5. Check the box indicating that you have read the information
  6. Submit the online form.

Complete and submit compliance form

Confirmation Form (To attend Orientation)

Orientation is part of the admissions process, and students are required to attend orientation.

Please complete the form regarding your attendance for orientation. Once completed, please make sure you click the submit button.

Complete and submit Confirmation Form

What matters. Where it matters.

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