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Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has a variety of online resources that support assessment. You can find assessment resourses here about liberal education outcomes, general education outcomes, campus diversity, ethical behavior, critical thinking, writing, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, and portfolios.

Assessment CyberGuide for Learning Goals and Outcomes is posted by the American Psychological Association. Although posted as a resource for assessment of the undergraduate psychology major, the list of resources on this page has broad applicability to many disciplines. It provides resources for understanding assessment, designing viable assessment plans, and sustaining an assessment culture.

The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment hosts assessment resources for faculty on accreditation; accountability; assessment history and trends; classroom assessment; defining assessment; disciplinary perspectives; faculty roles and responsibilities; research on learning; scjolarship of teaching and learning; student learning goals; tools, methods, and examples; and using evidence for improvement.

This North Carolina State University resource is a collection of links to a variety of general online resources about assessment, as well as links to assessment handbooks, assessment of specific knowledge or skills, accediting bodies, student assessment of faculty and courses, and institution assessment web pages listed by school.

Specific Resources

Assessment Process

Assessment Cycle Diagram

Books on Assessment in Faculty Professional Development Book Collection in IU Kokomo Library

Assessment books in the collection

Campus and Program Assessment Feedback

For Assessment Summaries and links to Reports, please click on the Assessment Results link on the left.


List of Conferences with Assessment Themes

Discipline-specific Assessment

List of resources by discipline

Reports about the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Faculty Senate Presentation by Sharon Calhoon April, 2010
Faculty Senate Presentation by Sharon Calhoon November 15, 2007
Administrative Council Presentation by Sharon Calhoon September 26, 2007
NSSE PowerPoint slides for IU Kokomo faculty presented by Sharon Calhoon March 6, 2006

NSSE PowerPoint slides for IU Kokomo staff presented by Sharon Calhoon March 17, 2005

NSSE web site for more information about the national survey


Web Resources that explain rubrics, describe how to create them, and show examples

Taxonomies of Learning

Web Resources that show taxonomies as classifications of educational objectives.

WEAVE Assessment Software

Link to WEAVE for those entering program assessment data for use in WEAVE-generated Assessment Reports.