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Getting Started with Canvas

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Create your Assignments first

  1. Decide how you will assess the students in your class.
  2. Select the Assignments tool and create all your assignments for your course regardless of whether they are discussions, quizzes, or inline and attachment type assignments.
  3. Once you have created your assignments you will notice that Canvas has automatically populated all the other tools connected to your assignments.
    1. Syllabus will contain the Course Schedule with the due dates you entered for the assignments.
    2. Quizzes will be listed in the quizzes tool.
    3. Discussions will contain the discussion assignments.
    4. Calendar will contain all the due dates.
    5. Gradebook will contain all the gradeable items.

Canvas vs Oncourse

  1. Mapping Canvas tools to Oncourse tools provides information on where you will find the tools and resources in Canvas to get you started.
  2. Canvas Features for Higher Ed highlights the many features available in Canvas for Higher Ed.
  3. In Canvas, what capabilities are available? Canvas offers several tools and capabilities not available in Oncourse.

Resources to Get You Started

  1. Canvas Instructor Orientation a self-paced tutorial to help instructors learn how to use Canvas. To complete the tutorial, click Join this Course in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Canvas Instructor Overview a self-paced tutorial to familiarize instructors with the basic need-to-know tools and features of Canvas. To complete the tutorial, click Join this Course in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Give Teaching a Boost with Canvas handout from the Adjunct Faculty Dinner with some short notes on items to try in Canvas.
  4. Up and Running with Canvas a Video overview through
  5. Check your browser
  6. Update your profile Video
  7. Update your notifications Video
  8. Canvas Instructor Quickstart Guide
  9. Canvas Student Quickstart Guide
  10. Canvas Video Guide – Short video segments highlighting specific tools and actions in Canvas.
  11. Recorded Overview of Canvas by Chérie Dodd and Kim Murday.

Resources to Get Your Students Started

  1. Canvas Accessibility Statement
  2. Check your browser
  3. Update your profile Video
  4. Update your notifications Video
  5. Keep Track of your Assignments Video
  6. Communicate with your instructor and peers
  7. Submitting your assignment
  8. Checking your grades
  9. How do I search Canvas Guides

About Mobile Apps

There are two apps available from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Canvas App

Canvas App

  1. For Android phones or tables you need the Android 4.0.3 or higher OS.
  2. For iPhones, iPads, or iPods you will need the 7.0 or higher iOS.
  3. When you login to the app use as the school.

Canvas SpeedGrader App

Canvas Speedgrader App

  1. Only works on tablets (iOS 5 or higher) and is designed for instructors.  You must be an instructor in at least one course in order to be able to use the app.
  2. When you login to the app use as the school.

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