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  • conference logo - 6th Annual Connecting Campuses with Communities: Service Learning Institute and Research Academy

  • 6th Annual Connecting Campuses with Communities: Service Learning Institute and Research Academy

    Conference start date: 05-14-2014
    Conference end date: 05-16-2014
    Location: Indianpolis

    "Service Learning Institute Objectives: • Increase the number of high quality service learning courses • Share promising practices and generate new ideas • Enhance reflection, assessment, and partnerships in service learning classes • Build a network of service learning practitioners Institute Topics: • Design courses for well-integrated service learning • Create and assess learning outcomes • Develop meaningful reflection activities • Collaborate with community partners as co-educators Intended Audience: Community engaged scholars or practitioners who implement or support service learning curriculum design. Research Academy Objectives: • Strengthen research on service learning and community engagement • Advance the scholarship of teaching and learning • Provide consultation and feedback on research ideas • Build a network of service learning scholars Academy Topics: • Integrate curricula and research • Develop measurement approaches • Design theory-based research questions • Write research proposals and manuscripts

  • conference logo -  AALHE 4th Annual Assessment Conference

  • AALHE 4th Annual Assessment Conference

    Conference start date: 06-02-2014
    Conference end date: 06-04-2014
    Location: Hotel Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    2014 Conference theme: “EMERGENT DIALOGUES IN ASSESSMENT” KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Monday, June 2, 2014 Dr. Pamela Tate PLENARY SESSION: Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Dr. Robert Mundhenk PLENARY SESSION: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Dr. Donna Sundre

  • conference logo - FACET Leadership Institute 2014

  • FACET Leadership Institute 2014

    Conference start date: 08-29-2014
    Conference end date: 08-29-2014
    Location: IUPUI campus Center 450

    "This bi-annual statewide gathering helps IU faculty improve Indiana University’s learning environment while becoming stronger leaders. Open to FACET members and other faculty, the FACET Leadership Institute emphasizes evidence-based practice and seeks to: Develop leaders for innovation and learning in higher education Enhance and transform the university learning environment Identify and implement creative approaches to address changing local and global educational needs Each institute focuses on a timely topic in education, such as infusing diversity and equity into the curriculum. Participants collaborate to develop approaches to address the topic, and then implement the approaches on their campuses. Many of the institute’s participants have moved into university leadership positions."

  • conference logo -  6th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference at Maryville University

  • 6th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference at Maryville University

    Conference start date: 10-10-2014
    Conference end date: 10-11-2014

    "This theme has been chosen, in part, to recognize the dramatic changes we are witnessing both in our students and the world of work for which we are preparing them. Students we meet in our classrooms today do not come empty handed. They bring their cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, and other mobile devices with them. They can use these tools to access knowledge that, in the past, came mainly from us. They can also use these tools to stay in constant and close contact with each other. These connections may lead to highly positive collaborations or to deeply negative distractions. Today’s students can also chose to learn without physically attending a classroom; nonetheless, whether we meet them in real, virtual, or some combination of settings, we can clearly see their preoccupation with the payoff from a degree program. In light of rising tuitions and declining job numbers, many students want and expect us to take responsibility for their learning and to figure out what will prepare them for a largely unknowable future. However, given the speed with which some job opportunities are disappearing and others are surfacing, today’s students actually need to take more, not less, responsibility for their own learning. Students need to develop critical and creative thinking skills that will enable them to be nimble and adaptive to dynamic social and economical forces in their future. This theme has also been selected because developments in the science of learning, technology, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning now offer us powerful means with which to address these challenges. Considerable scientific research has illuminated the way the brain works, and these studies not only confirm that students learn by taking an active role in their education, but also point to strategies that encourage them in that direction. Startling advances in the development of mobile devices now provide faculty with new approaches that can actively involve today’s students in their own learning. Finally, a critical mass of national and international higher education institutions, academic organizations, and scholarly journals now encourage and value the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as a viable method for understanding and assessing faculty efforts to bring innovative learning experiences to their classrooms. This year’s conference will feature three extraordinary keynote speakers whose expertise and experience can help us to understand and apply these new developments in very thoughtful and practical ways"

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