Course Design

Resources about Course Design

Initial Questions to Ask as Course Design or Redesign Begins
You can start with two questions. Ask what your purpose for the course is and what your students' capacities, expectations, and needs are. At this web site, the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard follows these primary questions with related questions that help instructors define their course, identify what is most important, show progression during the course, consider teaching methods, select ways to evaluate and deliver feedback, and communicate the course plan to students. You can use these questions to make decisions about your course that can guide your course design process and syllabus construction.

Designing Better Learning Experiences
Course design guidance to lead to better learning experiences and greater student engagement can be found at this site. Find design tips and forms, examples of course designs, join the course design listserv, and download a self-directed course design guide to lead you through course design for significant learning.

What Can Be Done Better Online? - In this presentation archive from the Teaching Learning Technology Group (TLT Group), originally shown on December 14, 2007, Eli Collins-Brown reports on her findings about the differences between the online and face-to-face learning environments and what teachers she interviewed reported works better for them online. You will need speakers or a headset for the audio.

Writing Learning Objectives/Learning Outcomes
This site from Education Oasis gives you a process for creating student learning objectives. Those learning objectives then can be used to guide your choices of assessments and learning activities. It is a good idea to share your learning objectives with your students.