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Qualtrics Survey Resources

CTLA has purchased a site license for the Qualtrics Survey Tool. At this time any faculty or staff may request an account by emailing Chérie Dodd. 

How do I request an account for my students?

Accounts may be requested by a faculty member by emailing Chérie and providing the student's name, username, and email address. You will receive a confirmation email when the accounts are created. Students must go in and activate their accounts.

How do I activate my survey account?

Qualtrics Training

Online training for how to use the Qualtrics Survey tool is available on the Qualtrics site.

Learn Qualtrics in 5 steps -  (Video tutorials)

1.  Basic Training Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

2.  Basic Survey Building Activity Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

3.  Best Practices Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

4.  Advanced Editing Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

5.  Advanced Survey Building Activity Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

A - Z list of training guides.
What is critical data?

Data classification

IU Kokomo Resources

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Resources at IU Kokomo - Researchers, especially who are involved for the first time with the IRB process are encouraged to contact the IRB to be assigned a liaison from the IU Kokomo Institutional Board who will assist in the development of the project.

Research and Grants at IU Kokomo - Grant submission procedures.

Survey Policy - IU Kokomo Survey Policy

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