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Articles on use of Clickers in Education

Using CPS in Masterworks of British Literature - Dr Elizabeth Cullingford ... "The questions she asks the class using CPS, which initially tested only knowledge of the material, have evolved to address comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation."

Using Interactive Technology in a Short Jave Course - R E Lopez-Herrojon & Morrie Schulman - Paper on experiences using CPS in a Java Programming Course. Including challenges faced and lessons learned.

Waking the Dead: Using Interactive Technology to Engage Passive Listeners in the Classroom – R W Guthrie and A Carlin -"Research ...[on] student perceptions about the value that Audience Response Systems add to the classroom."

To Click Or Not To Click: That's the Question
– Johnny El-Rady - " I believe that the advantages of using electronic classroom voting systems far outweigh the disadvantages. For teachers, the technology provides a very fast way to take attendance and an efficient way to learn about course content and style. More importantly, classroom voting systems provide a real-time assessment of material that students are failing to grasp, thereby allowing teachers to concentrate on these "problem areas."

Challenge, Potential, and Success: A University-wide Approach to Classroom Response Systems
– Ed Evans Director of Learning Spaces at Purdue University - Powerpoint presentation for Educause 2005.

Designing Questions for Clickers – TELR Ohio State University "Clickers work well for presenting multiple-choice questions, but not all multiple-choice questions are equal. Although simple recall questions have their purpose, multiple-choice questions can be used to assess deeper understanding."

Teaching Ideas
- Examples of clicker use in various subject areas.

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