Saving Webpages in Oncourse

Saving URLs to MyWorkspace in Oncourse

  • Log in to Oncourse
  • Type in your username and password.  (Same as ADS)
  • You will see MY Workspace tab on the left click on it.
  • Scroll down until Resources.
  • You will see a folder labelled My Workspace.
  • Click the drop down arrow to the right of Add.
  • To Upload a file select Upload file
    • Browse to locate the file on your hard drive or flash key
    • Select the file and click on Open
    • Select Upload Files Now
  • To Add Weblinks (URLs) you want to save click the drop down arrow to the right of Add
    • Select Add Web Links (URLs)
    • Type in the URL or paste the URL into the Web Address (URL) box
    • Type in a name into the Website Name box
    • Select Add Web Links Now and the URL will be saved into your Resources.