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The IU Kokomo Experience and You:
It’s your future, so we’re giving you the KEY.

You've heard there’s no substitute for experience. Employers would agree. They value experience highly when they hire college students. Besides, learning by doing—creating, collaborating, traveling, and leading—is the best way to learn. 

I enjoyed hearing from IU alumni who shared excellent suggestions on how to succeed in their chosen field. The trip [to Chicago] showed me the different workplace environments and responsibilities that are available to communication majors! The KEY program is excellent!

Sarah Gill, Senior, General Studies

When you study at IU Kokomo, you enjoy tons of experiences, the kinds that both employers and students love. We care about your future, so we give you the KEY (“Kokomo Experience and You”): a four-year program of experiential education. Depending on your major, you might design a social-media campaign for a community agency, help children in Guatemala, study fossils at the Field Museum in Chicago, present your research at a national conference, pick up career advice from professionals in Chicago, or immerse yourself in your art or writing in a retreat away from campus. The world is your classroom!

Prepare to love learning, graduate on time, land a good job, and start changing the world. You have the KEY.


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KEY Experience: Friendships that Never Fade

Students experience winery business
Merlot. Riesling. Cabernet. Chardonnay. There’s more to wine than red, white, or rosé. As a future wedding planner, Baleigh Dickson needs a basic understanding of wine to help her clients with menu planning. She gained that experience during a summer class at Indiana University Kokomo, Wines of the World, through the Hospitality and Tourism Management program.
Outdoor challenges prepare future teachers
Standing on a platform high above the trees, Tiffany Cron gingerly peeks over the edge, holding back panic as she spots the ground 60 feet below. She perches near the side, helmet on head, and a harness and steel cables firmly attaching her to the zip line in front of her, and takes a step back. Amanda Hanson, an Indiana University Kokomo adjunct instructor, places a hand on Cron’s shoulder, encouraging her to take the leap, but assuring her it is her choice.
Art students unplug during nature retreat
Hands covered in dirt, Brittnee Collins flicks open a pocket knife and begins whittling the end of a stick into a sharp point. As rain drizzles on her, she stands back, examining the fortress-like rectangle she’s built in the mud, before jamming the sharpened end of the stick into place. “The story in my head is getting lengthy,” she said, stepping a few steps away to consider her progress.
Students explore career options in the Windy City
Indiana University Kokomo communications students were “blown away” by the job possibilities in Chicago. During two days in the Windy City, 40 of them explored their options, meeting with professionals in advertising, public relations, sports operations, radio performance and production, and theater. It was an eye-opening experience for Sarah Shutt.
Last updated: 11/29/2017