Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Respiratory Therapist do?

A Respiratory therapist is a licensed professional who works under the direction of a qualified physician. Therapists work in a variety of settings including intensive care units, emergency departments, clinics, home care and diagnostic laboratories. Respiratory Therapists work closely with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to provide care to infant, pediatric, and adult patients.

What are some of their responsiblities?

Some of the responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist are

  • Delivery of medical gases
  • Airway care
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Medication delivery
  • Diagnostic procedures such as pulmonary function studies, sleep studies and arterial blood gas analysis
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Respiratory Therapists are members of the cardiac arrest and trauma teams

Can the undergraduate BS degree be completed at IU Kokomo?

No, but the first two years of prerequisites may be taken at the IU Kokomo campus.  Most of our pre-respiratory Therapists transfer to IUPUI.  All students are strongly encouraged to work with an Allied Health Scienc advisor to best prepare them for transferring to other campus and schools.

Is there a selection process to get into the core course program?

Typically yes there is an application dealine and a selection process.  Again students are encouraged to work with the allied health science advisors to complete this process to limit any possible delays in admission to the core professional program.