The graduation and scholarship forms for School of Business students are available by following the links below:

Additional application forms for scholarships available at the School of Business are:

For information about undergraduate business programs, contact Undergraduate Advisors


Graduate students may access the Application for graduation and the Degree candidate forms by clicking on these links.

Application forms for M.B.A. Scholarships are also available by clicking on the link.

Shortly after admission to the program, each M.B.A. student will plan a program of study with the M.B.A. director. In addition, M.B.A. students seeking career development information are encouraged to confer with the faculty in their area of interest. The IU Kokomo Career Services office is available for career information, and students' own employers often provide career planning assistance.

Students who are candidates for the M.B.A. degree must submit their applications for graduation to the M.B.A. office by December 15 for December graduation and January 15 for May or August graduation. A conference with the M.B.A. advisor is recommended, at which time the advisor can verify the student's eligibility and sign the necessary paperwork.

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