Courses in Hospitality and Tourism


These are the courses we offer in Hospitality and Tourism. 


HTM-T 100 Introduction to Tourism Studies (3 cr.) Travel, trends, travel-modes, and economic impact on destination area. Emphasis on local, regional, and national tourism. 

HTM-T 171 Introduction to Convention/Meeting Management (3 cr.) An overview of the conventions, expositions and meetings industry. Focus will be on the operational aspects of various industry segments and the intra-industry interaction of each. 

HTM-T 181 Lodging Industry Operations (3 cr.) Concepts of organization, communication, ethics and policy formulation in the front office. Introducing the basic techniques and trends in systems and equipment available to meet the needs of the management and the guest.

HTM-T 191 Sanitation and Health in Food Service, Lodging and Tourism (3 cr.) The application of sanitary and public health engineering principles to food service and lodging operations.

HTM-T 210 Special Event Management (3 cr.) P: TCEM 171. Course topics include planning for social events such as themed parties, weddings, balls, fundraiser recognition and entertainment events.

HTM-T 218 Wines of the World (3 cr.) P: 21 years of age. An examination of wines produced in other countries, identifying the characteristics of the growing regions, types of wines produced, economic considerations of purchasing imported wines and marketing these wines to increase beverage sales.

HTM-T 219 Management of Sports Events (3 cr.) Amateur or professional sport event planning will include discussion of site selection, logistics, personnel, marketing, economics, and legalities of hosting an event.

HTM-T 271 Mechanics of Meeting Planning (3 cr.) P: TCEM 171. An analysis of details pertinent to the organization and execution of a meeting. Topics include finances and contracts, site selection, program development, marketing, evaluation and wrap-up. 

HTM-T 306 Destination Planning (1 cr.) P: TCEM 231. To prepare a business plan that presents a comprehensive outline of a proposed hospitality operation and includes a financial portfolio and work history of the applicant.

HTM-T 310 Event Catering Management (2 cr.) Exploration of off and on premise catering requirement. Concept of event food management including menu planning, budget preparation, logistics management, guest relations and marketing.

HTM-T 328 Introduction to Microbrewing (3 cr.) P: 21 years of age. This course deals with the principles of microbrewing, and each student will learn the basic concepts necessary to create beer. In this sense, students should come away from this class with the knowledge to build his or her own microbrewery. As well, this class teaches a general appreciation for brewing and beers around the world.

HTM-T 334 Cultural Heritage Tourism (3 cr.) Cultural and heritage tourism balances visitor interests and needs against protecting cultural and heritage resources. This course examines the range of cultural and heritage assets that can become viable tourism attractions and looks at ways of linking quality cultural heritage tourism to community development. Special emphasis will be placed on Indiana cultural and heritage tourism.

HTM-T 362 Economics of Tourism (3 cr.) P: TCEM 100. C: ECON-E 201. To discuss the economic impact of travel on tourism's various sectors, and the quantitative methods that can be applied to travel forecasting and tourism principles.

HTM-T 385 Beer and Spirits Management (3 cr.) P: 21 years of age. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of beer and spirits production with a primary focus on manufacturing quality criteria, beer and spirits styles, and sensory standards. Evaluation by tasting is an integral part of this course.

HTM-T 401 Tourism Internship (1-12 cr.) P: Junior standing. To provide students an opportunity to improve their operational/managerial skills by working in new areas.