Hospitality and Tourism

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism is to provide a degree program for students who desire to work in the growing hospitality arena. While the degree will be housed in the School of Business for administrative purposes, it will be exempt from AACSB review due to its relatively low level of business content. Today’s hospitality and tourism industry needs professionally educated individuals. Graduates will be qualified to work in amusement parks, hotels and motels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, travel agencies, convention centers and as event and meeting planners. 

Students who complete the B.S. in H&T degree program will acquire proficiency in the following areas:

  • basic principles that underlie the industry
  • food and beverage operations
  • financial and accounting reports for the industry, including costs, revenues, and profits
  • the interrelationships of hospitality functional areas in guest satisfaction
  • legal, ethical, social and international topics affecting the industry
  • national, international and intercultural factors on the industry
  • communication differences among cultures and socio-economic classes and how these impact the industry
  • ethics and its impact on industry leadership and decision-making
  • human resource management
  • organizational effectiveness
  • industry marketing
  • strategic application of communication message formats

The curriculum consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours composed of the following:

  • IU Kokomo Campus General Education Requirements of 42 – 44 Credit Hours. Some of this may be satisfied by transfer credit or requirements within a major: (All general education courses in the Hospitality and Tourism major must be completed with a C- or better with an overall 2.0 GPA.)

Communication Skills - 9 credit hours
Critical Thinking Skills - 3 credit hours
Cultural Diversity - 3 credit hours
Ethics and Civic Engagement - 3 credit hours
Physical and Life Sciences - 8 credit hours
Humanities - 6 credit hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences - 6 credit hours
Quantitative Literacy - 4-6 credits

  • Up to 60 Credit Hours of Hospitality and Tourism Courses (All courses in the Hospitality and Tourism major must be completed with a C- or better with an overall 2.0 GPA.)

Required Foundations Courses: Minimum of 45 Credit Hours

BUS-A 200 Survey of Accounting (for non-business majors) or BUS-A 201 Financial Accounting - 3 credit hours
ECON-E 200 Survey of Economics (for non-business majors) or ECON-E 201 Microeconomics - 3 credit hours
BUS-M 300 Marketing (for non-business majors) or BUS-M 301 Marketing (for business majors) - 3 credit hours
BUS-Z 300 Human Resources (for non-business majors) or BUS-Z 302 Human Resources (for business majors) - 3 credit hours
BUS-L 201 Business Law (for non-business majors) or BUS-L 201 Business Law (for business majors) - 3 credit hours
BUS-F 300 Survey of Finance (for non-business majors) or BUS-F 301 Survey of Finance (for business majors) - 3 credit hours
SPCH-S 427 Cross-Cultural Communications (Speech) - 3 credit hours
SPCH-C 380 Organizational Communication (Speech) - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 100 Introduction to Tourism Studies - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 171 Introducion to Convention/Meeting Management - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 181 Lodging Industry Operations - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 191 Sanitation and Health in Food Service, Lodging and Tourism - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 210 Special Events Management - 3 credit hours
HTM-T 401 Internship in H & T - 6 credit hours

Elective Courses: Minimum of15 Credit Hours or 5 Courses From the List; Minimum 9 Hours From the List Must be at the 300 or 400 Level

HTM-T 218 Wines of the World
HTM-T 219 Management of Sports Events
HTM-T 271 Mechanics of Meeting Planning
HTM-T 306 Destination Planning
HTM-T 310 Event Catering Management
HTM-T 328 Introduction to Micro-brewing
HTM-T 334 Cultural/Heritage Tourism
HTM-T 362 Tourism Economics
HTM-T 385 Beer and Spirit Management
BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion
Other 300 – and 400- Level Electives as Scheduled

  • 16-18 Credit Hours of Additional Electives, for a Minimum of 120 Total Hours

Courses counted toward the Hospitality & Tourism degree program must be taken for a letter grade. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. At least 30 hours of the curriculum must be at the 300 level or higher.

Students who have completed an A.S. in Hospitality Administration and transfer it into the program may have many  of the 16-18 additional elective hours satisfied within their A.S degree program.

Although foreign language is not required in this degree, students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language as it will help them advance in their careers. Hospitality and tourism is a global industry, and there may be many overseas job opportunities for graduates, as well.