Core Values

Core Values

The following nine Core Values guide the thinking, actions and governing processes of the School of Business and its members.

The philosophy that the mutual goals and activities of the School and its members are to be pursued collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders.

The personal attribute of generating original ideas and perspectives, departing from conventional views to pursue a new approach, conception or vision.

The quality of thinking and acting as a person, understanding one's capabilities, role(s), and mission apart from others' views and perceptions.

Willingness to generate and/or pursue ideas, proposals and actions, assuming personal responsibility for their disposition.

Believing, thinking, and acting consonant with one's espoused values and intentions. Integrity is the hallmark of wholeness, personally and professionally.

Shared common values, goals and benefits. Mutual values, goals and benefits will endure.

Self-control and self-efficacy in pursuing individual and organizational strategies and goals.

Using resources effectively, efficiently, economically, and in a timely manner.

Unconditional acknowledgment and acceptance of others as persons, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender or beliefs. Tolerance is the core value for diversity.

Adopted by the School of Business and its members on April 2, 2004.