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The Indiana University Kokomo School of Education Center for Educational Partnership (CEP) was established in March 2011 in response to the need for increased collaboration between IU Kokomo’s School of Education and K-12 schools in the surrounding region. The basic structure and objectives of the partnership, derived from a model implemented earlier by Dean Paul Paese at Texas State University, support a co-developed agenda of activities that are mutually beneficial to the university, the 24 participating LEAs, and the schools within them.

Input from corporation and school leaders attending early CEP meetings identified a need for additional resources for K-12 educators – specifically for convenient, timely, targeted, and enduring teacher professional development workshops to enhance in-service teachers’ instructional effectiveness. Corporation and school leaders requested information-rich workshops on urgent and/or compelling issues, such as the Indiana Department of Education mandate for the submission of revised teacher evaluation plans by July 2012. Indiana University Kokomo representatives identified the need for on-going, specific K-12 partner feedback to inform Indiana University Kokomo teacher preparation program curricular revisions and enhancements, as well as increased opportunities for situating faculty-directed projects in partner schools as a means of implementing and researching best and/or promising educational practices. Representatives of both K-12 and higher education expressed a need for more effective communication and articulation across K-12 and higher education to ensure that pre-service classroom and field teacher preparation experiences are of optimal quality.


Calender - 2011-2012

By Laws- Adopted 3/9/12

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District Members: 2012-2013

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Center for Educational Partnerships Board

Chair- Michelle DeWitt - Teacher, Third-grade, Eastern Elementary School
Past Chair- Chuck Brimbury - Superintendent,  Peru School Corporation
Secretary- Melissa Grabner-Hagen - Assistant Professor, IU Kokomo
Executive Co-Director- Shirley Aamidor - Associate Dean and Associate Professor, IU Kokomo