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Contemporary Entrepreneurship

The Certificate in Contemporary Entrepreneurship program is designed specifically for those with the entrepreneurial spirit who wish to start their own business.

  • May be completed in one year.
  • Courses are eight weeks in length and offered exclusively in the ACCELerated Evening College in hybrid format, meaning 50 percent of weekly instruction will be face-to-face and 50 percent via the Web.
  • Students must meet normal Indiana University admission requirements.
  • Offered under the auspices of the Division of Continuing Studies with administrative oversight by the School of Business.

How to Apply

Degree Candidate Form Students must fill out the degree candidate form in order to have the certificate completion listed on their transcript. Please print this form and return to Lori Collins in the Division of Continuing Studies office prior to the following deadlines:

  • if you are completing the program in May or August, the Division of Continuing Studies must receive the form by January 25th
  • if you are completing the program in December, the Division of Continuing Studies must receive the form by September 1st.

Download the degree candidate form for the Certificate in Contemporary Entrepreneurship.

Certificate Requirements

A Certificate in Contemporary Entrepreneurship is awarded upon completion of the following five required courses (15 credit hours):

BUS A200 - Foundations of Accounting

The role of accounting in society and business with a special emphasis on fundamental concepts and the basic design of accounting systems.For non-business majors who are interested in learning about how accounting affects their lives and businesses. Credit will not be given for both A200 and A202.

ECON E200 - Fundamentals of Economics

Study of the basic institutions of market economy and the role they play in defining and pursuing economic goals in the U.S. economy.Emphasis is placed on the effects of existing economic institutions; current economic policy alternatives as they affect both the individual and the society.No credit toward Bachelor of Science in Business; no credit for both E200 and E201.

BUS L200 - Elements of Business Law

This course introduces the various legal rules governing contracts, their formation, performance, breach, and legal and equitable remedies. The primary focus will be on legal rules applicable to business.

BUS F260 - Personal Finance

Financial problems encountered in managing money; family budgeting, installment buying, insurance, home ownership, and investing in securities. No credit for juniors or seniors in the School of Business.

BUS W211 - Contemporary Entrepreneurship

Survey course designed to enable students to explore the vast opportunities of entrepreneurship. This course takes a multidisciplinary approach that examines the macro- and micro-conditions that encourage entrepreneurship. Course objectives are: 1) to learn the basic concepts of entrepreneurship; 2) to understand the human side of entrepreneurship; and 3) to encourage entrepreneurial thinking by the student and enable the student to evaluate the personal prospects for entrepreneurship.

NOTE: Courses are regular credit courses, but do not fulfill School of Business degree requirements at Indiana University Kokomo.

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