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Internships provide a wealth of benefits for our students including:

  • valuable work experience.
  • increased marketability on the job front.
  • networking opportunities.
  • developing professional work habits conducive to employment and promotion.
  • give opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations, and therefore learn their strengths and weaknesses to help identify areas of needed improvement.
  • confirmation of major and career choices.
  • building self-confidence, and helping students focus on their career paths.
  • possible monetary compensation (by IU Kokomo or the employer) and academic credit.
  • students who have interned return to the classroom with a heightened focus and a significantly greater appreciation for the relevancy of their classroom and/or laboratory course work.

Students interested in an internship must register with the Office of Business and Community Outreach for internship eligibility. Registration includes completion of an Internship Information Sheet. Forms are available in the Office of Business and Community Outreach located in the Division of Continuing Studies, Main Building, Room 280. Contact the Office of Business and Community Outreach by telephone at (765) 455-9406 or by e-mail at caanorma@iuk.edu. Students must also have their résumé critiqued by Tracy Springer, manager of the Office of Career Services. Springer may be contacted at (765) 455-9301 or by e-mail at carserv@iuk.edu.

To view available internships, visit our current listing page.

Students interested in internships throughout the state of Indiana may view internship opportunities at Indiana INTERN net.

Here are some guidelines related to internships:

  • Internships are open to current IU Kokomo students enrolled in a degree-seeking program.
  • In general, students must be at the junior or senior grade level to participate in an internship for academic credit.
  • Students must obtain permission/approval from their academic major faculty supervisor in order to register and receive academic credit for their internship .
  • Students planning to participate in an internship should begin at least one semester in advance.

Student responsibilities include:

  • Following university guidelines
  • Meeting with your internship coordinator to go over your résumé
  • Notifying the coordinator if contacted by an employer for an interview, or offered a position
  • Completing the other academic requirements in conjunction with the internship
  • Following the policies and procedures of the company where conducting the internship
  • Fulfilling arrangements made with the company in regard to hours worked per week and the length of work assignment
  • Notifying the internship coordinator and faculty advisor if any problems or discrepancies arise while in the work assignment


IU Kokomo is always looking for companies to provide internships for our students. If you are interested in providing a valuable learning experience for a student, helping our community, and benefiting from the fresh perspective, energy and creativity of an IU Kokomo student, please contact IU Kokomo today!

Internships provide a wealth of benefits for employers including:

  • hiring workers (students) with valuable skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to fill temporary and/or permanent company needs
  • a source of potential employees who you will have the opportunity to work with and evaluate prior to hiring
  • bringing fresh talent into their organizations with little of the inherent risks of hiring a full-time employee
  • providing you or your company with an opportunity to complete special projects that no one ever has time to do

Our students have many areas of expertise. Click here to view all of the areas in which IU Kokomo can offer you an intern.

To post an internship opportunity with IU Kokomo, please call Candy Norman at (765) 455-9406. You may also fill out the internship proposal form which you can download here and return it via mail or e-mail to caanorma@iuk.edu

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