Undergraduate Programs - Sociology, History, and Political Science

The Department of Sociology, History, and Political Science offers degrees in Sociology as well as History/Political Science.  

In the program for the Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science, students explore both disciplines, with one track emphasizing history, a second emphasizing political science, and a third focusing on Law and Society which focuses on active citizenship and preparing students for careers in the law. By fusing the complementary disciplines of history and political science, this degree program seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of local, national and international historical and contemporary events and issues, and to develop such skills as interpretative analysis, critical thinking, writing, and research.

The sociology faculty offer both the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology  and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology. Both degrees provide students with broad exposure to theories, methods, and substantive areas of the discipline. Students complete coursework in social theory, research methods, and specialty areas such as crime and society or children and families. Students have the option of completing a traditional track in sociology or one designed to provide preparation for work in applied sociology/human service  or social service organizations. While both tracks provide solid foundation and preparation for graduate work in sociology or related fields, the Applied Sociology/Human Services Track is especially designed for individuals who want to work in management, oversight, or facilitation of human or social service programs and/or organizations, especially in non-profit agencies.