Degree Requirements

General Education Checklist

*Must earn a C or better in general education courses

  • Information Literacy (10 cr)

  • ENG-W 131* Elementary Composition I
  • ENG-W 132* Elementary Composition II
  • SPCH-S 121* Public Speaking
  • CSCI-C100 Computing Tools

  • Mathematics (3-5 cr) (Choose 1 of 4 options)

  • Option 1: MATH-M118* (3 cr) (Pre req MATH-M117*)
  • Option 2: MATH-M119* (5 cr) (Pre req MATH-M125*)
  • Option 3: MATH-M215* (3 cr) (Pre req MATH-M125*)
  • Option 4: MATH-M133 (2 cr) and MATH-M134 (2 cr)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 cr)

    Select two courses from 100 & 200 level ANTH, HIST, POLS, PSY, and/or SOC which meet campus general education requirements from the following courses:

  • SOC S100, S101
  • PSY P103
  • ANTH A103
  • HIST H113, H114, H105, H106
  • POLS Y103
  • Cultural Diversity (One course: 3 cr)

  • Any one diversity course within Sociology or Psychology approved by EPC which is not counted toward the CJ major or does not count toward other general educational requirements.
  • Arts and Humanities (6 cr)

  • Literature/Philosophy/Ethics (Choose 1)
    • ENG-L___, ENG-E___, SPAN-S360, PHIL-P___^, SPCH-S223, SPCH-S333
      ^(Does not include PHIL P-150)
  • Performance (Choose 1)
    • COAS-E103, ENG-W203, FINA-A102, FINA-F100, FINA-F101, FINA-S200, HUMA-U101, HUMA-U102, HUMA-U103, HUMA-U305, MUS-X001, MUS-X040, THTR-T120
  • Physical and Life Sciences (12-13 cr) Choose one 5 cr course and one 3 cr course

  • Biological Sciences (4-5 cr)
    • ANAT-A215 (5 cr), BIOL-L100 (5 cr), BIOL-L105 (5 cr), MICR-J200/201 (4 cr), PHSL-P215 (5 cr), PLSC-B203 (5 cr), PLSC-B364 (5 cr)
  • Physical Science (5 cr)
    • CHEM-C100/120, CHEM-C101/121, CHEM-C105/125, GEOL-G100, GEOL-G133, PHYS-P100, PHYS-P201
  • Non-Lab Sciences (3 cr)
    • AST-A100, AST-A110, BIOL-N120, BIOL-L270, BIOL-L370, COAS-E105, CHEM-C390, GEOL-G107, GEOL-G315, GEOL-400, GEOL-T312, MICR-J200

Courses for the Criminal Justice Major (BS)

All Criminal Justice courses require a grade of C- or higher to count toward the major. No substitutions will be permitted on these required courses. (42 cr)

Required Courses - All Eight Courses below are required for the major (24 cr) These courses may not be substituted for other courses.

  • CJHS-J101 American Criminal Justice System (3 cr) This course is a prerequisite for all other criminal justice courses.
  • CJHS-J201 Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Justice Policies (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J202 Criminal Justice Data, Methods and Resources (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J301 Substantive Criminal Law (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J306 Criminal Courts (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J321 American Policing (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J331 Corrections (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J305 Juvenile Justice System (3 cr)


Any Six additional 200, 300 or 400 level criminal justice courses are required. Any course offered in CJHS not listed as required course may be taken to complete elective credits. Homeland security/emergency management courses may count as a criminal justice elective.(18 cr)

These courses may not be substituted for required Criminal Justice courses above.

Criminal Justice majors are not eligible for certificates in Correctional Management and Supervision and/or a Certificate in Public Safety as these are all CJHS courses. Students may select courses from these electives to fulfill the certificate in Homeland Security.

  • CJHS-J278 Principles and Practices of Homeland Security (3 cr) online
  • CJHS-J387 Foundations of Homeland Security (3 cr) online
  • PAHM-V272 Terrorism and Public Policy (3 cr) online
  • PAHM-V275 Introduction to Emergency Management (3 cr) online
  • PAHM-V387 Public Administration and Emergency Management (3 cr) online
  • CJHS-J320 Criminal Investigation (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J322 Introduction to Criminalistics (3 cr.)
  • CJHS-J370 Seminar in Criminal Justice - Correctional Counseling (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J370 Seminar in Criminal Justice - Correctional Administration (3 cr)
  • CJHS-J439 Crime & Public Policy (3 cr)

Please Note: 30 credit hours of this degree must be 300/400 level courses.

Additional Electives to meet 120 credit hour requirement:

  • Recommended elective social science courses:
    • PSY K300 Statistics or SOC S360 Topics: Statistics for Social & Medical Professionals
    • SOC S325 Criminology
    • SOC S328 Juvenile Delinquency
    • SOC S360: Topics in Social Policy:
      1. Family Violence
      2. White Collar Crime
      3. Organized Crime

A PDF version of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree requirements is also available.