Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts Degree Requirements

This degree is a 120 credit hour program of study divided into six groups of courses:

  • The Requirements for Bachelor of Science Degrees: ~41 credit hours
  • General Education Electives: ~16 credit hours
  • Communication Arts Core: 21 credit hours
  • Communication Arts Experiential Component: 12 credit hours
  • Communication Arts Concentration: 15 credit hours
  • Required minor in another area of study: ~15 credit hours

Communication Arts Major Requirements (48 credit hours)

Part 1: Core (21 hours)
  • SPCH C200 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • SPCH S205 Introduction to Speech Communication
  • SPCH C321 Persuasion
  • SPCH S336 Communication Theory
  • SPCH C380 Organizational Communication
  • SPCH S398 Independent Study in Speech Communication (Senior Seminar)
  • SPCH S427 Cross Cultural Communication
Part 2: Experiential Component (12 hours)
  • SPCH C393 Communication Research Methods
  • SPCH C398 Independent Study in Speech Communication (Research Project)
  • PSY K300 Statistical Techniques
  • SPCH C325 Interviewing OR SPCH S201 Communicating in Public
Part 3: Concentration (15 hours)

Students must choose a concentration from the following options:

Public Communication
  • SPCH S228 Argumentation and Debate
  • SPCH C444 Political Communication
  • COAS 200 Leadership Studies
  • NMCM N351 Cyberculture and Community
  • ENG W321 Advanced Technical Writing
  • SPCH J200 Writing for Mass Media
  • ENG W365 Theories and Practices of Editing
  • NMCM-N 250 Graphic Design I OR JOUR J344 Photojournalism Reporting
  • JOUR J290 Internship in Journalism
  • JOUR J343 Broadcast News
Public Relations/Corporate Communications
  • SPCH S233 Intro to Public Relations
  • SPCH S333 Public Relations Writing
  • SPCH C391 Public Relations Campaigns
  • NMCM N250 Graphic Design I
  • NMCM N351 Cyberculture and Community OR ENG W321 Advanced Technical Writing
Part 4: Required Minor

Students are required to take a minor in a related field of their choice.


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