Frequently Asked Questions

What are the areas I can study in the English major?

As an English major, you can focus on one of three tracks in the major: the standard B. A. in English, the concentration in Pre-Law, and the concentration in Writing, Editing, and Media. The regular track offers a variety of courses in English and allows for electives in any of the courses in English, including writing, linguistics, and literature. The track in Pre-Law follows the guidelines suggested by the American Bar Association, and offers courses not only in the standard English major courses, but also courses in research, history, political science, and communications. The Writing, Editing, and Media track adds courses in various types of writing (creative writing, publishing, journalism, or media) and requires courses in editing and research.

Will I be able to do research in English?

We highly value students’ undertaking research in areas of interest. In addition to required English courses that encourage students to do research in areas of English studies, we provide opportunities for students to do independent studies, internships, submit to undergraduate research conferences, and contribute to the departmental literary and scholarly research publication, From the Well House.

What extracurricular opportunities will I have?

IU Kokomo offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, from sports to student government to the student newspaper and literary magazine.  Many of our students in English are very active in the student newspaper, The Correspondent, and in the literary magazine, From the Well House. Students from English have also worked in student government, serving as the president of the student body or student senators.

What can I do with an English degree?

The English degree is very versatile.  Many of our students enter careers in education, teaching at the community college or university level after completing a master’s degree. Other students enter graduate school in library science, English, journalism, or business. Some of our students go directly into positions in nonprofit organizations, in management training positions, or in journalism.  English prepares students for careers that require expertise in writing, copyediting, business management, sales, and research.

What if I want to go to graduate school?

Most students with English degrees who wish to go to graduate school take the GRE exam. Students with degrees in English enter graduate programs in library science, education, journalism, business, law, and medicine.

What will I study as an English major?

The English major offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of the courses you choose and your area of specialization.  Required courses in the major include studies in literary interpretation, critical theory, and literature from a variety of periods, genres, and approaches.  Many of our students study film, gender studies, a variety of literature, linguistics, and writing.

What skills will I have when I finish my degree?

English majors excel in writing, research, and critical thinking.  These are abilities valued in many fields.

Where can I find out about the faculty in English at IU Kokomo?

All of the English faculty are profiled on the IU Kokomo Humanities page. You will see information about each faculty member and also information about how to contact them for further information.  All of the English faculty at IU Kokomo welcome you to contact them to talk about the program and the opportunities available at IU Kokomo in English.

Are there any job opportunities for English majors on the IU Kokomo campus?

Students are welcome to apply for work-study positions in various capacities on the IU Kokomo campus. In addition, many English majors work or participate in internships in such areas as the Office of Media and Marketing, the Library,  From the Well House, The Correspondent, and the department of Humanities.

Are there minors in English?

Students who are not English majors may minor in English Writing or English Literature. Both minors are 15 credits and provide a sampling of courses from the English program.

Can I teach after completing an English major?

In order to teach in secondary school programs, you must major in Education or have a dual major in English and education. The English faculty work with the faculty in the School of Education to help students complete a major that will provide them extensive subject area expertise and teaching expertise. Students who wish to pursue a career in university or community college-level teaching generally complete a master’s degree in the Master’s of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) academic teaching track.

Who should I see about scheduling or courses in English?

The advisors in the School of Arts and Sciences provide information and plans of study for students contemplating a degree in English.

Do I have any travel opportunities as an English major?

The department of English is one of the most active on campus in promoting study abroad opportunities.  English faculty have recently sponsored study abroad trips to England, France, Hawaii, and Ireland. We have also sponsored a recent trip to Staunton, Virginia, to experience Shakespeare performances at the Blackfriars’ Theatre.