BA in Humanities Degree Requirements

The BA in Humanities Degree must meet the School of Humanities and Social Sciences requirements for BA degrees. In addition, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Within the major, students must take 36 credit hours of humanities department courses at the 200 level or above.
  2. No grade lower than a C- will count toward the degree.
  3. Students must complete the requirements of a minor in a humanities field. (15-18 cr.)
  4. Students will choose 3-6 credit hours in humanities electives within the major. (3-6 cr.)
  5. Students must complete the Capstone course which meets concurrently with ENG-L495. (3 hours)
  6. Students must take 4 300-400 level courses in addition to courses used to satisfy their chosen humanities minor.  Each of these 4 courses must come from a different category of those listed below. (12 cr.)  
  • communication
  • English
  • fine arts, theater & music
  • languages (a course taken from this area would need to be in addition to courses the student uses to meet Arts and Sciences Core General Education Requirements.
  • new media
  • philosophy, religion & gender