BA Degree Requirements

New Media studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree includes four concentrations, allowing you to specialize in a particular area.

  • Graphic Design—learn to be an expert, capable of creating graphics and visual designs for a variety of situations
  • Web Design—learn to be a specialist in creating Web pages and managing Web sites
  • Creative Digital Development—learn to be a specialist in video, animation, and/or mobile application development
The Bachelor of Arts in New Media Communication is a 36 credit hour program of study divided into five groups of courses:
  • The Requirements for Humanities & Social Sciences Bachelor of Arts Degrees. ~57 credit hours
  • New Media Communication Core. You are required to take all the courses in the core. 12 credit hours
  • New Media Communication Concentration: Each student is required to choose a concentration from the areas listed above, which is their area of specialty. 15-21 credit hours, depending on concentration.
  • New Media Communication Electives:  You are required to take 3-9 credit hours of elective courses either in new media communication or closely related areas to bring the total number of credit hours taken in the major to 36 credit hours. The specific number of New Media Elective hours needed by students varies based upon concentration and is listed with the concentrations. New Media electives include any course listed in any of the concentrations, any of the other listed courses, and any other course with the NMCM designation not listed elsewhere. Note, it is perfectly acceptable for some of these credits to be additional courses from your area of concentration. For example, a student could take 4 web design courses to meet the concentration requirements and take another web design courses to meet part of the elective requirements. 9 credit hours
  • General Education Electives: take ~29 credit hours of other courses

For more information

  • For information about the degree program, contact Erik Austin Deerly
  • For information about enrolling as a student or transferring credit, contact Kelli Keener.