Internship Guidelines

This page explains how for-credit internships typically work for majors within the Humanities Department. This includes internships in Communication Arts, English, Fine Arts, and New Media Communication. For more information, ask the faculty in charge of individual internships.

What is an internship?

Internships let you learn by working in a job. You can earn college credit while working in the internship, just as if you were taking a course. You receive a grade. If you wish to earn credit, you just register for the internship and pay for it, just as if you were taking a class. You can also work in an internship without earning credit. When not earning credit, you do not register or pay for a course; you do not involve the university. The rules on this page do not involve you if you are not earning credit, as you also do not work with faculty at all or have it appear on your transcripts.

Who can take internships?

Internships in the various majors in the Humanities are typically only offered to students who are in the major of the internship and have completed appropriate coursework for the major. Examples: New Media Communication internships are typically offered only to New Media Communication majors. An internship in public relations typically will not be offered to students who have not taken courses in public relations. 

What jobs can count for an internship?

Typically, jobs that count for an internship for within the humanities must include activities that are relevant to the internship in question. So English internships must involve English-related activities. Communication Arts internships must involve activities related to areas taught in the Communication Arts degree.  

What are required internship activities?

Students in internships will perform one or more of the following activities for the academic part of their internship:

  1. Submit regular journal entries reflecting on what they have accomplished and learned in the internship. Journal entries should be submitted in a timely manner.
  2. Submit a final paper or project reflecting on what they have accomplished and learned in the internship.
  3. Submit copies of work produced at the internship.

Their supervisor at the internship will also be asked to provide feedback as to the quality of the candidate’s work. Contact information for the supervisor must be supplied when applying for the internship.

When to apply for internships?

Students need to apply for an internship before beginning the internship. Typically this will be before the classes start for the semester the internship occurs in.

How do I find internships?

List of available internships are available from Career Services. You can also ask local employers if they would like to offer you an internship.

What is the process for applying for internships?

Follow the official campus process and procedures for applying for internships.