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New Media Communication Course Descriptions

NMCM-N201 Intro: New Media Communication (3 cr.) This course is an introduction to New Media Communication. Through readings and projects, students will learn basic principles of Web sites and other online communication, focusing on creating content, developing designs, and producing graphics.

NMCM-N210 Intro to Visual Communication (3 cr.) This course looks at the visual of print and electronic communication. It deals with issues of page design, visuals and other graphics, from practical, historical, and theoretical perspectives. Students will produce visual designs, including flyers and brochures.

NMCM-N213 Web Site Design & Development (3 cr.) Introduction to website design and development covering high-level concepts in addition to hands-on activities. Topics include internet infrastructure, client-side technologies, embedded media, page design, site design, usability and other topics. Technologies to be covered include XHTML, JavaScript, and cascading style sheets.

NMCM-N215 Studio In Digital Media I (3 cr.) Introductory work in the use of digital media tools, including video, animation, image manipulation, and digital illustration, in the creation of art.

NMCM-N231 Intro To Video Game Design (3 cr.) Introduces video game design, including game concept, scripting, and development.

NMCM-N245 Intro To Website Design Principles & Practice (3 cr.) This course covers introductory level topics in web design. Topics will change to reflect changes in the field.

NMCM-N250 Graphic Design I (3 cr.) Emphasis on visual communication through the perceptive use of line, form, and color. Elementary study of letter forms and typography. Introduction to basic tools, drawing disciplines of graphic design, and computer graphics.

NMCM-N255 History Of Graphic Design (3 cr.) Explore how the technologies used in graphic design have evolved as well as consequences of those changes for designers.

NMCM-N260 Video Production Practicum (3 cr.) Students will receive hands-on instruction in a production lab setting. Gain experience in field and studio camera operation. Camera techniques, video editing, and related production software.

NMCM-N261 ActionScript 3 Programming (3 cr.) Introduction to Action Script programming for Flash. Students will use technology to create artwork, design, games, databases interfaces, web interfaces, and others. Basic skills for further study of JAVA, Objective C, C++, and others.

NMCM-N262 Intro To Web Scripting (3 cr.) This course introduces students to fundamental programming concepts and techniques. Students will develop a solid foundation that can be used to learn other programming languages. Using the JavaScript programming language as a basis for instruction, this course focuses on client-side Web programming and teaches students how to create highly dynamic and interactive Web pages.

NMCM-N298 Intermedte Digital Photography (3 cr.) Intermediate digital photography

NMCM-N312 Digital Illustration (3 cr.) Course explores basic development of digital illustrations for use in graphic design.

NMCM-N315 Web Usability & Information Architecture (3 cr.) This course covers designing professional web sites. It focuses on learning principles to make web sites both well-structured and usable. Activities include web site analysis, design, and usability testing.

NMCM-N320 Video Production (3 cr.) Exploration of the medium of video as an aesthetic expression. Time and sound are elements incorporated into visual composition¿s traditional concerns. Emphasis on technical command of video camera and digital editing procedures in conjunction with development of a visual sensitivity. Readings and a research project are required.

NMCM-N330 Studio In Digital Media Ii (3 cr.) Intermediate work in the use of digital media tools, including video, animation, image manipulation, and digital illustration in the creation of art.

NMCM-N345 Intermediate Website Design Principles & Practice (3 cr.) Teaches intermediate principles of web design and gives students practice creating sites using these principles and common website creation tools. Students should learn to produce professional-quality websites.

NMCM-N360 Adv Video Prod Pract (3 cr.) Students will take a leadership role in the video production process and coordinate the development of a program. They will also gain additional video production experience.

NMCM-N361 Graphic Design 2 (3 cr.) Further studies exploring design principles. Students utilize both hand and digital methods to solve design problems creatively and effectively. Course includes typographic exploration.

NMCM-N362 Server-side Web Programming Using PHP (3 cr.) This course discusses server-side Web programming using the PHP programming language. Through a detailed discussion of PHP programming fundamentals, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the server-side aspects of developing interactive Web applications using the PHP programming language. This course also offers an introductory overview of interfacing web applications with relational databases. Students are expected to develop real-world server-side Web applications with MySQL database connectivity.

NMCM-N365 TYPE IN MOTION (3 cr.) Learn to create motion typography for traditional domains, such as movies & television, along with interactive interfaces such as web sites & information kiosks.

NMCM-N370 Animation For Integrated Media (3 cr.) Images and animation converge to develop an animated sequence. Using text, graphics and sound, students will create animation and visualizations. Photoshop and illustrator plus Flash will be used in addition to traditional methods for creating animations.

NMCM-N371 Identity Design & Branding (3 cr.) Teaches how to create a visual identity that communicates the essential qualities desired by the particular business.

NMCM-N372 Graphic Design Prod & Prac (3 cr.) This course focuses on the interaction graphic designers have with clients & printers. professional graphic design skills.

NMCM-N391 Seminar (3 cr.) Oriented toward current topics in New Media communication; readings, projects, and papers as indicated by the topic and instructor.

NMCM-N395 Indpt Study In New Media Comm (3 cr.)

NMCM-N398 Internship In New Media Comm (3 cr.) Internship focusing on producing and managing new media communication projects. Apply during semester prior to desired internship. Must represent a minimum of 45 hours of experience per credit hour.

NMCM-N401 Senior Seminar (3 cr.) Senior experience for New Media Communication students.

NMCM-N410 Publication & Editorial Design (3 cr.) Despite the rise of the Internet, downloadable .PDF and .ps files, the eBook and microfilm, the basic book of ink and paper is still the main conveyor of written information in the 21st century. It is important for a designer's success to have a basic understanding of the structure of a book and the various problems encountered when designing one.

NMCM-N411 New Media Communication Theory (3 cr.) This course examines various theories of New Media Communication and its effects on the world. Theories of design, criticism and computer-mediated communication will be explored. After taking this course, students should be able to critique New Media Communications media and New Media works.

NMCM-N445 Adv Website Des Prin&Pract (3 cr.) This course covers advanced level topics in web design. Topics will change to reflect changes in the field.

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