Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Psychological Science Track

The B.S. in Psychology, Psychological Science track, provides students a strong foundation of knowledge in various areas of psychology.  This program also gives students the opportunity to thoroughly develop their skills in scientific inquiry and interpretation in psychology.  Students completing the B.S. in Psychology, Psychological Science Track complete capstone courses in History and Systems of Psychology and the Senior Seminar during their last year of study; in addition, students must complete the two-semester independent research project, advised by resident faculty.

Future Opportunities Available to Graduates

Students who complete the B.S. in psychology have many opportunities open to them after graduation.  They may plan to pursue graduate work in psychology, and would be well-prepared for rigorous scientific graduate programs such as clinical psychology or neuroscience.  Graduates would also be competitive for other graduate programs such as organizational leadership, law, business, or various fields in the sciences or humanities. Alternatively, graduates may enter the workforce in fields such as laboratory science, technical or research environments, or business.  Click here to learn more about careers or graduate study in psychology-related fields.

Plan of Study - view the program requirements here

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Frequently Asked Questions

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