Careers in Psychology

General Information

Graduates majoring in psychology possess skills that are valuable in a wide variety of careers.  Understanding basic principles of human behavior, cognition, and research, as well as how to speak and write effectively in professional spheres, make psychology majors attractive candidates for many kinds of careers.


The American Psychology Association's (APA) portal for students in psychology of all levels - of particular interest to majors will be information provided for Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Psychology.

The APA also has a graduate student organization, called APAGS (American Psychological Association of Graduate Students) - helpful articles often appear here about graduate student life in psychology.

Careers in Psychology is a one-stop-shop website for students with career goals in psychology, with portals for various degree levels and areas of interest.

List of careers open to psychology majors (maintained by Dr. Drew Appleby at IUPUI).

Extensive handbook created by faculty at California State University, Fullerton, for psychology majors.

A career decision tree created for psychology majors, available through Hanover College website.

Graduate Study in Psychology

General Information

Psychology graduates often continue their education in graduate school.  Some common choices are:

  • Master's or doctoral programs in psychology
  • Master's in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Social Work
  • Master's level professional programs, such as occupational therapy or physical therapy
  • Master's in business, human resources, leadership, or nonprofit management
  • Law school
  • Medical school

Research or Practicum?

To complete the psychology major, students are required to complete either an independent research project, or a practicum placement.

Generally speaking, this choice should be guided by the student''s career goals.  If the student plans to work in an applied area of human services, such as social work, counseling, or occupational therapy, the practicum is the best choice.  However, if the student plans to enter graduate school in an area where research is required, such as any Ph.D. program or law school, the independent research sequence is highly recommended.

To learn more about psychology practicum at IU Kokomo.

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