Practicum in Psychology

General Information

The Practicum is an independent study course whose main purpose is to give psychology majors an opportunity to get real-world experience in a psychology-related field as part of their major requirements.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of on-site work at their chosen placement in order to earn a grade for the course.  The Practicum is supervised by a faculty member in Psychology (either Dr. Rosalyn Davis or Dr. Christina Downey) and by an on-site supervisor to whom the student reports.  Students are evaluated by both their faculty supervisor and the on-site supervisor at the end of their term as an enrolled practicum student.  Practica are arranged in collaboration with the Office of Student Services at IU Kokomo.

Helping Skills-Practicum Sequence in Psychology

Students must complete the P381 Helping Skills and Ethics course before enrolling for practicum.  Enrollment in the Helping Skills course is capped at 20 students, so majors should plan ahead to make sure they complete the Helping Skills course in time to complete their practicum during the semester of their choosing.  The Helping Skills course is graded largely on effort, but faculty who teach it also use the course as an opportunity to become familiar with each student's potential strengths and interests as a practicum student.

Steps to Setting Up Your Practicum

Have steps 1-5 completed by 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the term that you wish to start your practicum.

1.  Complete the Helping Skills and Ethics course in satisfactory fashion.

2.  Consult with Dr. Davis or Dr. Downey well in advance of your desired practicum term regarding timing of the practicum, as well as your goals for the practicum and career.  This consultation will often take the form of a 20-30 minute meeting with one of these instructors.

3.  After your consultation, report to the Office of Career Services to schedule an appointment with Tracy Springer, Director of Career Services (

4.  Complete the steps for placement required by the Office of Career Services (including a resume review, selection of preferred placements, applications, and interviews with placements).

5.  Upon being offered a placement by a site, complete all required paperwork from Career Services and your instructor.  Request permission to enroll in the Practicum course from your instructor.

Common Site Placements in Psychology

-Not all placement sites accept practicum students every semester.  Other placements are possible if the student wishes to have a different kind of practicum experience; consult with your instructor about such ideas.