International Student Travel Courses

The following courses are offered on an annual basis

In any given year, there will be a number of different courses traveling from the campus. Most courses travel in spring or early summer.


HSS F200 Hispanic Culture and Healthcare (3 credits) One week service learning experience in Guatemala. Students explore Guatemalan culture in class on campus throughout  spring semester and raise money and collect resources for various social organizations in Guatemala which they distribute while in the country. Students fly to Guatemala for one week over spring break. Students discuss Guatemalan history, politics, economics, current events, communication styles, language and culture. Of particular interest to health care workers, students also learn about the Guatemalan healthcare system and compare it to healthcare in the United States. This course is also available for graduate credit for nursing students. Approximately 8 to 10 students travel on this program each year.

South Korea

NURS K433  Korean Culture and Health Care (2 credits) Students travel for 12-14 days to South Korea, visiting Seoul a city of about 11 million and Jeonju a city of about 500,000. While in Korea, students visit Eastern Medical facilities, participate in daily life activities (such as visiting a church or campus activities) and visit historical and cultural places of interest including the Demilitarized Zone, Buddhist temples, and Museums. This program is part of a long standing exchange between IU Kokomo and Jesus University in Jeonju and our newer partner Sungshin Women's University in Seoul.  This travel program is also available for graduate nursing credit. (Please note: this course requires students to complete N432 as a prequisite for travel)

United Kingdom

HSS I450 Innovations Symposium (3 credits) This course offered annually in spring semester includes student travel for 3 weeks to cities in England, like Cornwall and London, studying and discussing historical and contemporary innovations (like Sir. Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity). Students complete service projects and visit important cultural and historical sites, as they learn about global issues and develop resolutions to various regional, national and global problems.  (Please note: this is an invited program--students must be nominated by faculty to participate and go through a selection process). Up to ten students travel in a given year.

Additional Travel Options:

The campus also features travel courses on a year by year basis that vary by destination. In past they have traveled to Ireland, Italy, France and Turkey.

Travel Programs for 2015:

Destinations for Spring 2015 will be announced soon.

If you have any questions about how to enroll or what courses may be offered in a particular year, please contact IU Kokomo's Overseas Study Advisor Donna McLean, Ph.D..