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IU Kokomo provides professional education for working people through the Labor Studies program. Indiana University's Labor Studies Program is recognized as a leader in the field of study that seeks to strengthen the rights of all working people. Additionally, Indiana University is the only school in the country to offer a complete online Labor Studies degree program as well as traditional on-campus options.

The Certificate in Labor Studies (C.L.S.) program provides an understanding of the role of workers and working class organizations in contemporary society and prepares individuals to participate effectively in workplaces and/or labor organizations.

The Associate of Science (A.S.) in Labor Studies expands on the Certificate in Labor Studies program to provide a broader understanding and appreciation of economic, social, and political conditions in the labor movement and the role of workers in society.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Labor Studies provides additional depth and breadth in the area of labor studies and in the liberal arts.


The Labor Studies program prepares students to recognize their role as part of the work ing and for leadership positions in the labor movement. In addition to careers as labor leaders and union organizers, individuals with a degree in labor studies might choose to pursue careers as labor lawyers, community organizers, government labor specialists, human resource professionals, labor journalists, and educators.

Non-credit Courses

IU Kokomo offers a number of non-credit labor studies courses in addition to the certificate and degree programs. These courses, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of workers, union members and leaders, are offered on-site or online. The Labor Studies program annually hosts several statewide events—conferences on organizing, labor law, and arbitration. Customized workshops and programming are available upon request.

For more information, contact:
Labor Studies program
East Building, Room 346

(765) 455-9387