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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is accreditation and what does it mean?

  • The Indiana University Kokomo School of Nursing is approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and the baccalaureate degree program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, from which we recently earned a ten-year reaccreditation (2010-2020).  Being accredited means that verifiable steps have been taken by the school to assure that you receive a quality education. Graduating from an accredited school of nursing means that your credits should transfer more easily if you should choose to pursue another degree and potential employers will have confidence that you received a quality education.
  • We will seek candidate status with the first class entering the MSN program as our first step toward graduate program accreditation by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). The expectation is that our program will be evaluated by the NLNAC prior to the graduation of our first class. When accreditation is approved you will graduate from an accredited school.  We have been assigned an NLNAC mentor to help guide us through this process.

 What are faculty qualifications?

  • All have at least a master’s degree—approximately 25% have doctorate degrees, and another 25% are actively pursuing doctorates. Several have specialty certifications. 

  Can I study abroad with this degree?

  • The school of nursing has active cultural and service programs in Guatemala and Korea.  Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in any study abroad program through IU for which they are qualified.

 How can I get in touch with my professor?

  •  Faculty in the School of Nursing are available by email, phone, and through Oncourse.  Office hours are posted so students can stop by and confer with faculty without an   appointment. We  highly recommend getting acquainted with your instructors early and staying in contact throughout the program. 

 Where do I find program-specific information?

  •    For the Pre-Licensure Program, please check out the Pre-Licensure FAQs and contact the advising center for information specific to your educational background and career goals.
  •    For the RN to BSN programs (both face-to-face and online), please check out the RN to BSN FAQs and contact the advising center for information specific to your educational   background and career goals.
  •    For the MSN program (administrator and educator tracks), please check out the MSN FAQs and contact Mary Bourke, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs, at mbourke@iuk.edu for information specific to your educational background and career goals.

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