Nursing Laboratory

The School of Nursing laboratories provide the basic pre-licensure nursing student the environment to learn and practice basic nursing skills. These skills provide a solid foundation for the nursing student, which will assist in the endeavor to excel in the role of a professional nurse.

Laboratory Facilities

Basic Lab

This lab provides the learning environment for current undergraduate nursing students to practice basic nursing skills in preparation for, and in Basic Lab Pictureconjunction with, clinical facility experiences. This lab has three separate learning areas with hospital and critical care beds; training head walls which provide oxygen, air, and suctioning; nurses station; asepsis area; and patient bathroom. In addition, the lab has an audio-visual area with computer stations for digital video camera assignments.

Contact Information:

Betty Hershberger, Lab Coordinator
East Building, Room 207B
Phone: (765) 455-9341
Fax: (765) 455-9421