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Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs

Public Affairs

The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs is offered through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), which is a multidisciplinary, professional school of Indiana University. Students in this degree program may choose concentrations in health administration, public management or criminal justice. The public management curriculum focuses on topics such as public policy, legal issues, government finance and budgets, and urban structure.

Public Affairs Program's Mission

The Master of Public Affairs (M.P.M) and Bachelor of Public Affairs (BSPA) teaching mission is defined in terms of the role it plays in enabling current and future public leaders to develop skills necessary to address challenges posed in public management, administration in nonprofit organizations, governance, policy-making, implementation, and organizational effectiveness.  The program is committed to orient its students to the public interest, humanistic acumen, encourage personal contribution and to the client/citizens, not merely to technical outcomes.

The M.P.M and BSPA programs service mission includes the fulfillment of the idea of public service as an example to the profession and to our students as a means to our continued personal development as faculty, to provide leadership, technical support, and mentoring in a manner, which recognizes social interdependence, democratic ideas, and the needs of social justice.

The M.P.M and BSPA research mission strives to meaningfully address the body of social knowledge and experience through interpretation, re-interpretation, and creative insight.  The program accepts the responsibility for helping to create standards of excellence and conduct for the profession of public administrraton both nationally and internationally.  The MPM and BSPA are especially concerned with knowledge that promotes a functional and responsible praxis of thought and action in the classroom, in the work environment, and in the society within which they co-exist.


The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs degree prepares graduates for management careers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. It is also an excellent major for students interested in law school or graduate school in public policy. Students in this degree may choose concentrations in either Public Management, Criminal Justice, or Health Administration.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs

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