Advisory Board

Through membership on the Department of Public Administration and Health Management (PAHM)'s advisory board, alumni, business and community leaders help to maintain the academic excellence of the program and enhance its impact on our surrounding communities. The PAHM Advisory Board is dedicated to the promotion of Indiana University Kokomo, PAHM, and its respective programs. The board focuses on participation by practitioners, alumni, and students, and accomplishes its objectives through diligent program planning, curriculum assessment, and development support.

Composition: The advisory board comprises members of public administration, policy analysis and criminal justice practitioners, political leaders, business entrepreneurs, community leaders, current students, and alumni with a commitment to the PAHM program. The PAHM dean appoints new members, with recommendations from the advisory board.

Responsibilities of members:

  1. Advise the PAHM dean on how the school, through its outreach and academic programs, may contribute to its constituent communities.
  2. Participate significantly in PAHM's fundraising activities. Such assistance may include participating on committees, identifying and cultivating individuals, corporations or foundations, soliciting major gifts, or securing special underwriting or in-kind support for departmental students and programs.
  3. Contribute a significant gift to the PAHM program annually, according to ability.
  4. Serve as an ambassador for the PAHM program to the larger community, including stewardship in the program's relationships with its friends, developing new friends for the program, and encouraging friends to become involved in the Indiana University Kokomo and PAHM events.
  5. Attend meetings of the Advisory Board (general council meetings, plus committee meetings as necessary).
  6. Assist in the recruiting of new members for the advisory council.
  7. Encourage friends, family, and local students to consider Indiana University Kokomo as a school of first choice.

Current list of advisory board members