Degree Requirements

The degree requirement for the B.S. in Biological and Physical Sciences (BIPH) includes 120 credits with a GPA of at least 2.0. 30 of the last 60 credits must be completed at IU Kokomo. In addition to courses required for the campus-wide general education curriculum, students must takes courses in the natural sciences, mathematics, and informatics/computer science. The following courses must be taken and appropriate prerequisites must be met as listed in the Academic Bulletin.  The BIPH general track and the BIPH Earth and Sustainability Sciecnes track are listed below.     


Communication Skills and Information Literacy (9 cr)

ENG-W131 Elementary Composition I

ENG-W132 Elementary Composition II

SPCH-S121 Public Speaking

Quantitative Literacy

Satisfied by the Mathematics and Informatics courses for the major

Critical Thinking (3 cr)

Satisfied by the major                                                             

Cultural Diversity (3 cr)

One course from the list:                                                       

COAS-I100, SOAS-F200, SPCH-S302, SPCH-S427, EDUC-M300, BUS-D301, SPEA-V130, SPEA-J355, FOLK-F101, any 200-level or above foreign language course                                            

Ethics and Civic Engagement (3 cr)

One course from the list:                                                       

PHIL-P100 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL-P140 Introduction to Ethics                                       

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 cr)

(One course from each group)

Sociology & Psychology                                                                                

SOC-S100 Introduction to Sociology, SOC-S101 Social Problems & Policies, PSY-P103 General Psychology, PSY-P216 Life Span Developmental Psych             

Political Science, History and Economics                             

POLS-Y103 Intro to American Politics, POLS-Y217 Introduction to Comparative Politics, POLS-Y219 Intro to Intl Relations, HIST-H105 American History I, HIST-H106 American History II, HIST-H113 History of Western Civilization I, HIST-H114 History of Western Civilization II                                       

Humanities and Arts (6 cr) (One course from each group)

Fine, Performing and Communication Arts:              

FINA-A101, FINA-A102, FINA-A108, FINA-F100, FINA-S200, HUMA-U101, HUMA-U102, HUMA-U103, HUMA-U305, MUS-M174, MUS-Z201, MUS-X001, MUS-X040, THTR-T120, ENG-W203                                                                                  

Literature and Philosophy:                                                     

Any PHIL course except PHIL-P150, any ENG-L or ENG-E, SPAN-S360 Introduction to Spanish Literature                  

Physical and Life Sciences (8 cr)

Satisfied by the major

Biological and Physical Sciences Major (general track)

COAS-E105 SMI Freshman Learning Community (1 cr)

Courses in Sciences, Mathematics, and Informatics 200-level (min. of 15 cr)  

At least two courses with a lab (5 cr) must be selected. Proper lower-level prerequisites must be met and courses for non-majors do not fulfill the requirements.

Biology Lab Course (4-5 cr)                                           

(anatomy, biology, physiology, microbiology, or plant science)

Physical Science Lab Course (5 cr)                              

(chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy or physical geography)

Non-lab course (3 cr)

Courses in Sciences, Mathematics, and Informatics 300-level and above (min. of 30 cr)

At least two courses with a lab (5 cr each) must be selected, and either a capstone course or an internship is required. Proper lower-level prerequisites must be met.

Mathematics, Computer, and Informatics Courses (11-12 cr)

        MATH-M 215 Calculus I (5 cr) ‡                                                                                    

        INFO-I 101 or CSCI-C 106 (3-4 cr)                                                                               

        MATH-K 310 Statistical Techniques (3 cr) 

General Electives

 Additional courses to total 120 credit hours, if needed, after completing all other requirements. 

Bachelor of Sciences in Biological and Physical Sciences (Earth and Sustainability Sciences track)


COAS-E 105 SMI Freshman Learning Community (1 cr)


Biology Courses (13-15 cr)

BIOL-L 105 Introduction to Biology  (5 cr)                                       

BIOL-L 473/474 Ecology and Ecology Lab‡   (5 cr)                         

Biology Elective (3-5 cr)

Chemistry  Courses (20 cr)

CHEM-C 105/125 General Chemistry I/Lab  (5 cr)

CHEM-C 106/126 General Chemistry II/Lab‡ (5 cr)

CHEM-C 300 – Energy and Green Chemistry –
             a Natural Science Perspective; lecture and lab‡ (4 cr)

CHEM-C 390 – Topic in Environmental Science (3 cr)

CHEM-C 390 – Topic in Sustainability (3 cr)

Geology  Courses (20-22 cr)

GEOL-G 100 General Geology (5 cr)

GEOG-G 107 Physical Systems of the Environment OR GEOL-G 133 Geology of the United States   (3-5 cr)

GEOL-G 300 Environmental and Urban Geology (3 cr)

GEOG-G 315 Environmental Conservation (3 cr)

GEOL-T 312 Geology of Indiana‡ (3 cr)

GEOL-G 400 Energy: Sources and Needs  (3 cr)

Physics Courses (10 cr)

PHYS-P 201 or 221 General Physics I ‡  (5 cr)

PHYS-P 202 or 222 General Physics II ‡  (5 cr)

Capstone, Research Courses, or Internship (min 3 cr) 

BIOL-L 403 Biology Seminar (Capstone) ‡ OR

CHEM-C 495 Chemistry Capstone  ‡ OR                                                       

BIOL-L 490 Individual Study (Biology Research) ‡ OR

CHEM-C 409 Chemistry Research ‡ OR

          GEOL-G 440 Professional practice in Geoscience ‡ OR

          GEOL-G 410 Undergraduate Research in Geology ‡  (3-5 cr)

Mathematics, Computer and Informatics Courses (12 cr)

MATH-M215 Calculus ‡  (5 cr)

MATH-K310 Statistical Techniques ‡ (3 cr)

INFO-I101 Introduction to Informatics or CSCI-C 106                                                                                    

Science Electives (to complete 120 cr)

Biology Electives:

BIOL-L 203 Evolution and Diversity of Life‡   (3 cr)       

PLSC-B 364 Summer Flowering Plants  (5 cr)        

BIOL-L 379 Ornithology  (3 cr)            

MICR-M 320 Environmental and Public Health Microbiology‡ (3 cr)                                                                           

BIOL-L 345 Vertebrate Biology (3 cr)                                  

BIOL-L 465 Advanced Field Biology (3 -6 cr)            

         Other Science Electives:

CHEM-C 310/311 Analytical Chemistry/Lab‡  (5 cr)        

CHEM-C 341/343 Organic Chemistry I and Lab ‡   (5 cr)       

GEOL-G 133 Geology of the United States  (5 cr)      

PHYS-P 310 Environmental Physics‡  (3 cr)                        

GEOL-T 326 Geology of Mineral Resources‡   (3 cr)     

Internship (3-5 cr)