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Indiana University Kokomo

Arts & Sciences

A liberal arts education at IU Kokomo will transform the way you think, facilitate a better understanding of our global world, enhance your skills so you can adapt to the every-changing world around you, and prepare you for a lifetime of learning.   

The School of Arts and Sciences is the center of IU Kokomo's academic and intellectual life, offering many major areas of study as well as general education courses for majors outside of the school. The school includes four departments which provide course work for fourteen bachelor of arts degrees and bachelor of science degrees, and a Master of Arts degree.

Because of the richness and diversity of its majors and minors, strong undergraduate pre-professional programs, and numerous certificates, students have a variety of choices when selecting programs in the school. The faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences are committed to fostering the well-rounded development of students to enable them to take their place in a global world as effective citizens and lifelong learners. Simultaneously, the school provides students with opportunities to develop skills that are required for the workplace and/or for advanced study. A liberal arts education emphasizes the ability to reason clearly, to extract the essential significance of large bodies of information, to apply general principles in new contexts, to communicate effectively, and to be sensitive to human creativity and morality.

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2300 S. Washington St.
Kokomo, IN 46904-9003
Phone: (765) 453-2000

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