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BA Requirements

Arts and Sciences B.A. General Education Core Requirements

The School of Arts and Sciences General Education Core requirements were updated Fall 2008. Students admitted under previous plans may use either the old or the new requirements. Specific requirements for the general Arts and Sciences degrees are as follows:

  • The regular matriculation requirements of Indiana University.
  • A minimum of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • A student must complete 30 credit hours in 300–400-level courses within the arts and sciences, although not necessarily in one department.
  • Completion of 30 of the last 60 credit hours at Indiana University Kokomo.
  • No more than 15 credit hours in courses outside arts and sciences subject areas, e.g., business, education, engineering technology.
  • Major – 30-40 credit hours. See requirements for specific degree programs.
  • Electives – 20-30 credit hours
  • The General Education Core (see below)

The General Education Core for B.A. Degrees

Students must fulfill all of the requirements of the General Education Core as detailed below. This assures they have a well-rounded liberal arts education. Arts & Sciences students beginning Fall 2008 or later should complete 60% of the General Education Requirements by the junior year.  Students entering the program prior to Fall 2008 should consult an advisor for previous program requirements.

Requirements Credits To Meet Requirement:
Information Literacy (Communication Skills) 3

Take ALL of the following:

  • ENG-W131
  • ENG-W132
  • SPCH-S121
  • CSCI-C100
Cultural Literacy (Foreign Language) 6-14 Take 6 credit hours at 2nd year level or appropriate placement results: complete the equivalent of two years of foreign language
Math 4-6

Choose ONE of the following options:

Option 1
MATH-M118 or MATH-M119 or MATH-M215

and a statistics course at the major level: MATH-M366, MATH-K310, PSY-K300, or an equivalent course.

Option 2
MATH-M 133 (2 cr.) and MATH-M 134 (2 cr.) These courses have M117 as a prerequisite and have the statistics content. 

Option 3
Students pursuing the B.A. in Mathematics will satisfy the statistics requirement through MATH M366 or through an independent study project that will be assessed on the General Examination that is required to earn the degree.

Writing Intensive Course 0-3 Take ONE 3 credit course within the student's major program must satisfy the writing intensive requirement. 
Literature 3 Take any Literature course (any ENG-L course, any ENG-E course, or SPAN-S360)
Performance Course 2-3

Take ONE of the following:

  • HUMA-U101, HUMA-U102, HUMA-U103, HUMA-U305
  • MUS-X001, MUS-X040, MUS-X070
  • any studio art course (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital art, animation, video art)
  • ENG-W203
  • THTR-T120
  • COAS-E103
  • FINA-A101 or FINA-A102
  • SPCH-S201
Ethics Course 3

Take ONE of the following:

  • PHIL-P100
  • PHIL-P140
  • PHIL-P242
  • PHIL-P342
  • PHIL-P375
  • PHIL-P383 (if ethics topic)
  • SPCH-S223 or SPCH-S233
Biological Science Lab Course 4-5 

Take ONE of the following:

  • BIOL-L100*
  • BIOL-L105*
  • ANAT-A215
  • PHSL-P215
  • MICRO-J200/J201
  • PLSC-B203
  • PLSC-B364

(*Preferred courses. Other biology lab courses will be accepted if students are transferring to SOAS and have already completed on of these.)

Physical Science Lab Course 5

Take ONE of the following:

  • CHEM-C100/C120
  • CHEM-C101/C121
  • CHEM-C105/C125
  • GEOL-G100
  • GEOL-G133
  • PHYS-P100
  • PHYS-P201
Non-Lab Science Course  3

Take ONE of the following: 

  • AST-A100
  • AST-A110
  • BIOL-N120
  • BIOL-L270
  • BIOL-L370
  • BIOL-L473
  • COAS-E105
  • CHEM-C390
  • GEOG-G315
  • GEOG-G107
  • GEOL-G400
  • GEOL-T312
  • GEOL-T326
Social Sciences  15

Take 15 credit hours from at least three different disciplines as follows:

  • HIST-H113 (required)
  • HIST-H114 (required)
  • Choice of ANTH-A104, HIST-H105, HIST-H106, PSY-P103, SOC-S100, SOC-S101, POLS-Y103, COAS-E104
  • Choice of ANTH-A104, HIST-H105, HIST-H106, PSY-P103, PSY-P216, SOC-S100, SOC-S101, POLS-Y103, POLS-Y217
  • Choice of ANTH-A104, HIST-H105, HIST-H106, SOC-S100, SOC-S101, POLS-Y103, POLS-Y217
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