Majors and Programs

IU Kokomo's diverse academic programs, small class sizes, online course offerings, and close-knit campus community guarantee your learning success. It's your education--we'll provide the tools to ensure you achieve it.  Below is a list of our major schools and programs (alphabetical); be sure to check out all the programs, majors, minors and educational experiences they have to offer.  Please click each program/school link below for additional information.  We look forward to you joining us at IU Kokmo!

Division of Allied Health Sciences

Welcome to the Indiana University Kokomo Division of Allied Health Sciences, a recognized leader in allied health science education and clinical practice. The field of healthcare is rapidly growing and constantly in need of skilled healthcare professionals. For those considering a career in healthcare, our Allied Health Science programs may be an option. Established in 2002, the division is now home to three undergraduate degree programs and two certificate programs in various professional disciplines.

School of Business

Welcome to the School of Business. In today’s business world, it’s imperative to not only be knowledgeable, but competitive as well. Your competitive edge will come from the knowledge, experience, and skills you will acquire in courses taught by outstanding faculty in the School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo. You can earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in the School of Business. 

School of Education

There is perhaps no other career which inspires and transforms the next generation more than teaching.  The School of Education faculty is dedicated to helping you on your path to becoming an educator. Our dedication and commitment to teaching and learning helps enable our graduates to secure satisfying professional positions and enjoy rewarding careers in the classroom. Individuals who successfully complete one of our Teacher Education Programs and state mandated tests are eligible to apply for the appropriate license. In addition, Indiana has a reciprocal agreement with approximately 40 other states.  You can earn a Bachelors and a Masters in education at IU Kokomo. 

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

A liberal arts education at IU Kokomo will transform the way you think, facilitate a better understanding of our global world, enhance your skills so you can adapt to the every-changing world around you, and prepare you for a lifetime of learning.   

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the center of IU Kokomo's academic and intellectual life, offering many major areas of study as well as general education courses for majors outside of the school. The school includes four departments which provide course work for fourteen bachelor of arts degrees and bachelor of science degrees, and a Master of Arts degree.

Because of the richness and diversity of its majors and minors, strong undergraduate pre-professional programs, and numerous certificates, students have a variety of choices when selecting programs in the school. The faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences are committed to fostering the well-rounded development of students to enable them to take their place in a global world as effective citizens and lifelong learners. Simultaneously, the school provides students with opportunities to develop skills that are required for the workplace and/or for advanced study. A liberal arts education emphasizes the ability to reason clearly, to extract the essential significance of large bodies of information, to apply general principles in new contexts, to communicate effectively, and to be sensitive to human creativity and morality.

School of Nursing

It is a great time to become a nurse.  The healthcare field is growing and changing rapidly, providing opportunities for exciting careers.   If you’re looking for a quality education rich in hands-on experiences in nursing, led by a faculty dedicated to preparing competent, compassionate and excellent nurses, then our nursing programs are for you.

School of Sciences

In the School of Sciences, we offer students small class sizes, especially at 300- to 400-level, and research opportunities with faculty. Our programs prepare students for the path they want to take, whether it's a career right after college or entrance into a graduate or a professional school. Our graduates work for a variety of businesses in scientific fields and in information systems.