Executive Dossier for Promotion and Tenure

 2013-14 Promotion and Tenure Executive Review
Dossier Format Guidelines

 The Office for Academic Affairs prepares this executive dossier.  However, each candidate needs to ensure that all required elements are in their submitted dossiers so that the Office can extract the elements to prepare the executive dossier.

Each campus will provide three Promotion and Tenure Summary Spreadsheets to the Vice President for University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy (VPURAPP) using the Microsoft Excel template provided in this materials packet. The three spreadsheets will list: 1) tenure and promotion cases, 2) promotion-only cases, and 3) tenure-only cases.

For each candidate, a dossier will be submitted in a pressboard report-cover binder (the same type used to bind this materials packet). The dossier will provide the documents listed below, bound in the following order:

1. P&T Routing and Action Summary Form [template provided]

2. Letter from Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost including recommendation

3. Record of Campus P&T Committee vote including rationale (in conflicted cases, this report should reflect the committee’s discussion and concerns)

4. Letter from Dean including recommendation

5. Record of College/School P&T Committee vote including rationale

6. Letter from Primary Unit/Department Chair including recommendation

7. Record of Primary Unit/Department P&T Committee vote including rationale

8. Summary list of External Reviewers – Required information for each review received includes name, rank, institution, and relationship to candidate. Helpful information would include lists of possible reviewers submitted by the unit and by the candidate, information about who declined to write and why, credentials of the reviewers.

9. Letters from External Reviewers

10. Candidate Statement (including teaching, research and service)

11. Candidate Vita

12. Department Promotion and Tenure policy document

13. Appendix may include any additional relevant source material

For dossiers which involve negative recommendations or split vote at any point of review, any written communication between review committees or administrators and the candidate should be added to the dossier in the section dedicated to that level of review, and in chronological order.