IU Kokomo Research Award Guidelines

Indiana University Kokomo Distinguished Research Award Guidelines

The purpose of the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Research Award is to annually recognize outstanding researchers / scholars on this campus. The award winner receives a stipend of $3,000.

Evaluation Rubric

Award Criteria

  • Both tenured and tenure-track faculty members at Indiana University Kokomo are eligible for this award.
  • Applicants must demonstrate excellence in research / scholarly activities over a period of no more than five years prior to applying for this award.
  • An applicant’s research / scholarly record must show progress towards becoming an established researcher / scholar in his / her field of study. Only work performed while employed at Indiana University Kokomo will be considered for this award.
  • A successful recipient can re-apply for the award after a period of five years. When this occurs, the Research Awards Selection Committee (see below) will focus primarily on the applicant’s research / scholarly accomplishments since his / her last award.

Application Guidelines

All applicants for the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Research Award must submit the following:

1. A reflective statement about their research / scholarly accomplishments as well as future research/scholarly goals.

2. The reflective statement must also include both quantitative metrics (e.g. number of publications, number of poster/ paper presentations at conferences, amount of external funding received, number of students supervised during research / scholarly projects, number of other research awards received, etc.) and qualitative metrics (e.g., publications in recognized journals, funding for book projects or research studies from major publishers or organizations, noteworthy research/ scholarly accomplishments, etc.).

3. A dossier/portfolio with copies of articles published, books published (or a few pages from books), conference posters/papers, etc.

4. A curriculum vitae which includes all publications, presentations, funding, fellowships, etc.

5. A letter of support from the appropriate Dean/Chair. This letter should clarify the unit’s standards for excellence in research or creative work, and explain how the applicant’s performance relates to the norms in his or her field of research or creative activity (e.g. norms on the number of co-authors in a publication, publication and presentation quality, grant or funding size, etc.).

Faculty Research Award Selection Committee

The Faculty Research Award Selection Committee will include at least three tenured faculty members.

The Faculty Research Award Selection Committee will be composed of previous Faculty Research Award recipients, and a representative from the IU Kokomo Research Affairs Committee. The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs also may elect to appoint other tenured faculty members to the award selection committee. Members of the Committee should be actively involved in research or creative work. During their term of service on the selection committee, members may not apply for research awards.

The Faculty Research Award Selection Committee will select a chair each year, who will serve for a one year term. The Chair of the Committee will review the applications received and contact the applicants in case any relevant information is missing.

Additional questions about the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Research Award should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.